Роза ветров:

Machine for longitudinal TIG welding of pipes.

The main application area of ​​the machine is the production of chimneys made of stainless steel.

- Digital control of welding parameters via the Siemens touch panel.
- Modern and reliable welding inverter Fronius and others on request. Complete with welding torches Abicor Binzel.
- High speed servomotor.
- Variable welding start point over the entire working length of 0.1 mm. The possibility of changing the speed during welding with automatic storage of a new value.
- Function of interrupting and resuming the welding cycle.
- Large selection of machine modifications for different tasks.

Advantage of the machine:

- Welding speed on austenitic stainless steel up to 6m per minute.
- Precision of positioning 0.02 mm due to high-precision servomotor Panasonic.
- Prevention of welding seam failure in case of poor quality sizing (barrel of the image) of the pipe occurs due to interruption of the welding process and auto return to the point.
- Welding wire feed unit (option)
- Beam deformation compensator


Machine for longitudinal TIG welding of pipe shells.


The machine is designed for joint-to-joint welding of stainless, steel and copper pipes. It is used for the manufacture of chimneys, ventilation pipes, shells for tanks and CCT, as well as any other stainless steel products 1000 mm long. The    Price of the machine is 15 500 euros.


станок для сварки труб


Welding of products requires minimal operator intervention. The workpiece is automatically clamped by pneumatic clamps. The required current and speed of the welding are set.

The burner moves automatically. At the end of welding, the burner rises and returns to its original position.

Further, the fixing clamps release the finished pipe.

The machine is able to weld stainless steel thickness from 0.5 mm to 4 mm (depending on the installed welding source).

The machine is able to work the whole working shift without interruptions.

We produce training for workers. One day is enough for the employee to perform all necessary operations on his own. It is possible to equip the machine with an additional option for feeding the welding additive.

Since argon is supplied from two points on top and with the blowing along the entire length from below it is possible to keep the ideal seam from both the outside of the pipe and from the inside. A copper lining along the entire length avoids overheating of metal and deformation.

We offer machines for welding shells with a length of 1000 mm. 1500, 2000 and 3000 mm.

Diameters of welded products up to 2500 mm.


Characteristics of the welding machine:


♦ self-adjusting clamping jaws with point support;

 independent operation of the front and rear clamping jaws;

 fixation with intermediate stroke, ensuring fast installation of thin sheets of metal without overlap;

 cooled lower welding lining with the supply of molding gas, simple replacement procedure, the design corresponds to the features of the tasks, in particular geometry, the shape of the seam, the type of protective gas used, the material, etc.;

 automatic locking of the lock;

 stable arc length thanks to a special running gear;

 ergonomic arrangement of controls;

 comfortable control panel;

 high-quality components of equipment;

 rigid welded body of the machine, which can be transported using a forklift truck and a crane;

 detailed operation manual.


Technical data:


Limits of regulation of welding current, A



Limits of regulation of welding speed, mm / s



Limit deviations of the trajectory of the torch movement, mm, not more



Drive of mechanisms for fixing the edges of the product and lifting the torch



Shielding gas



Compressed air pressure, MPa, up to



Cooling of the welding torch and backing



Overall dimensions of the room occupied by the equipment of the installation, mm, not less

3000 х 2000 х 2500



Software control and diagnostics of the status of the installation elements is carried out with the help of the controller.


The basic program provides:


 moving and lowering the burner at the beginning of the seam;

 ignition of the arc with a stationary burner;

 moving the burner with welding speed;

 the brewing of the crater;

 lifting the burner and returning it to its original position at the cruising speed.


During the installation process, the following are monitored:


 position of the burner,

 air pressure in the pneumatic network,

 activation of pneumatic clamps.


On the new operator panel there is an opportunity:


♦ start the welding program;

 stop the program;

 the temporary stop of the program (Pause);

 inclusion of the program without welding;

 automatic return of all actuators to the initial state;

 moving the burner in manual mode;

 smooth control of welding parameters;

 quick changeover of the installation for welding pipes of different lengths.


There are versions of the welding machine:


 with a shortened arm for welding shells up to 500 mm in length with a smaller diameter;

 with an elongated cantilever for welding shells up to 1250 and 1500 mm in larger diameter;

♦ on a separate order, installations are made for welding shells 1000 mm long with a diameter of 70 mm;

 a separate version of the unit allows welding of metal with a thickness of 0.3 mm.