Silos metal manufacture according to your projects.

The problem of storage and processing of bulk materials (grain, flour, cement, etc.) is the pressing issue of industry and agriculture. The most popular for this purpose are metal silos because they are optimally suitable for the combination of quality, strength, durability, cost and construction time. Metal silos - a silo for bulk products or materials, the most convenient form of storage and sbereganiya products.
The company "Wind Rose" create high-quality, robust and durable silos for grain storage on request. We create silos of their own projects or customer projects. If you do not have a project, our team of highly qualified engineers develop designs for you to choose from silos in full accordance with your wishes. The cost of the silo depends on its qualitative characteristics. After all, the main indicator of the quality and pricing factor is the quality of the metal from which it is made. But in any case - we guarantee the safety of the grain silos in the best conditions.
Advantages of metal silos of "wind rose":
integrity design
strength and durability
compactness and placement in a small area
the ability to store large amounts of grain
low cost with excellent quality.
What is a grain silo
"Wind Rose" produces silos usual, galvanized and stainless steel. The standard form of the silo - cylindrical, with a particularly smooth inner walls, which ensure smooth loading and unloading of grain. Silo capacity is any, as long as it provided the maximum capacity of the product. Mounted on the support structure silo, the height of which depends on the method of unloading grain from it. Also, installation of the silo can be made on a special concrete frame. During installation of silos made of high quality drilling, completion and additional fasteners are required. The roof of the silo created this design to maximize prevent the penetration of precipitation and prevent ingestion of birds and small rodents. Also, each silo is equipped with a special ventilation system, which allows you to save high quality of the grain in optimal temperature conditions.
Package silo:
The body of the silo
The staircase to the upper platform
Inspection hatch on the roof
Additional equipment: level indicators of the product feed and discharge hoses, pipes for connection, sensors control excessive internal pressure, pressure relief valves, etc.
Metal silos are suitable not only for food but also for industrial bulk materials such as cement, sand, mineral powder, gypsum, lime, dry mixes, etc. Cement silo used for collecting and storing material. Unloading is done using a screw or belt conveyor or pneumatic transport. Cement silos are usually required for different processes. Therefore, they are building on the territory of concrete and asphalt plants, near the railway and transshipment terminals in places where it is possible to store large amounts of cement, as well as possible packaging, loading of cement and dry mixtures preparation thereof.
How does the cement silo
Silos for cement - a silo for bulk materials, the lower part of which is a cone with a hole and the disk gate for unloading cement. To receive a cement silo is equipped with a loading line. On the roof of the silo, we set a special filter for cleaning dust-laden air during the loading and unloading of cement. The additional equipment includes a safety valve for relieving excess pressure sensor for monitoring the level of cement in the silo. That the material does not cake, silos equipped with aeration system, which also provides the intensity of the discharge of cement through the gate. To service the attachment is a staircase.
"Wind Rose" proposes the creation of silos for large companies and small firms. In this paper, we proceed from the customer's needs - find the best options are always at the forefront. After all, the quality of storage of the product depends on the proper selection of the model silo. Therefore, we recommend that the decision to entrust the issue of creating the hopper our experienced professionals - they will analyze the location and conditions of installation of the silo, your plans for the future and help you choose the model that best fits your household.