In the modern kitchen interior design in the style of High-tech gained unprecedented popularity. The most popular and most fashionable kitchens are made of metal. Rather - from stainless steel. Also popular countertop stainless steel.


Our firm offers kitchen countertops, stainless steel, made to our projects or sketches of the customer. Countertops made of "stainless steel" are made by bending steel sheet around the chipboard. Welds made by our highly skilled artisans, polished so that the surface becomes monolithic appearance.
Stainless steel can be called "classical" material for kitchen countertops because it has made the necessary properties in the kitchen:
· Durable in use.
· Resistant to chemical and mechanical damage.
· Stojko withstand high and low temperatures.
· It has a perfectly smooth surface.
· Easy to clean and maintain cleanliness and order.
Worktop made of stainless steel is fully consistent with these qualities - because it must withstand daily hot pots, greasy pans, the chemical composition of various detergents, hot and ice-cold water, remaining perfectly solid and clean.
We make high-quality countertops from "stainless steel", a high degree of stability and strength. The structure of the surface according to your wishes and can make diverse: matt, textured, smooth or a mirror-shiny.
Worktop made of stainless steel is convenient by the fact that over time any kitchen surfaces tarnish and wear, and "stainless steel" can be returned to the original ideal view with designated detergents sold in abundance in any supermarket. A special polymer coating surface countertops to prevent dirt and grease build-up, especially if it is polished surface, not dull. Tabletop after such special treatment is not subject to rust, deformation and serves for many years.
Our company offers countertops, stainless steel buy at the most reasonable and affordable prices. We have something to offer, and we will make sure that all your wishes are taken into account during the production.
Any hostess will appreciate the functionality and reliability, which has a stainless steel worktop. Price custom countertops and will be the most economical option.
We are waiting for your orders and we are ready to work together.