Group of Companies "Wind Rose" produces heat accumulators of different types (top, bottom heat, combined with built-in tank, etc..) Of different materials (ferrous metals, stainless steel, copper, etc.) on a custom basis. Specifications on request. We can always buy a heat accumulator.

Accumulated heat - good solution from an economic point of view, as well as practical. Storage tank allows to stock the heat energy and use it as needed.
In general, heat accumulator - a thermos, which stores the hot water, and when it is needed, we have it we select. Heat accumulator consists of an inner tank, a heat exchanger, a layer of insulation and the outer casing. Due to this construction, the hot water is about 3-4 days, while the heat loss is minimal (from 1 to 5 degrees at night).
Purpose storage tank - is the preservation of an excessive amount of heat energy that is produced solid fuel boiler. The magnitude of the volume of the storage tank depends on the time interval between the tabs of the fuel material in the boiler. During the outage of the boiler, heating the storage tank is made. By using the buffer tank, the fuel consumption of material is minimized, and the operation and maintenance of the boiler.
Possible options for combining the storage tank several heat sources in a single system, which includes heat pumps, multiple boilers Solar collector.

Heat accumulators

Thermal batteries or buffering capacity, which offers a "wind rose", are widely used in many modern heating systems. They support the heat if the boiler for some reason is not in use and help save resources, using the boiler. The storage tank is hermetically insulated steel tank with upper and lower pipes connected to the heat source. The principle of operation is based on the use of heat storage the high heat capacity of water.

Our heat accumulators have many advantages:

1. If you are using a solid fuel boiler, then you just need a heat accumulator. After all, for the efficient operation of the boiler should operate at full capacity, because only in this mode the boiler reached the maximum temperature, allowing the use of fuel in full. This creates excessive heat, which can rearrange the storage tank and used later when it becomes necessary.
2. The storage tank is needed in case of power failure - he will take over the waste heat boiler. When there is no electricity, the pumps do not work, so - the heat exchanger of the boiler is not cooled, it is fraught with many dangerous effects (increased pressure boiling boiler, etc.). In the presence of heat storage water moves through the heat exchanger in the tank and from the tank - the boiler. Therefore, heat accumulators also called buffer tanks.
3. Very effective heat accumulator system with electric boiler and multi-tariff meter. At night, when the tariff is much cheaper, you can save as much as possible the heat and use it during the day. By the way, you can order a heat accumulator with the already built-TEN - you get two devices in one heat accumulator and the boiler.
Buy heat accumulator - a modern, reliable and efficient - you can in our company "Wind Rose". Our products are among the best in the Ukrainian market, we have many years of experience with manufacturers and offer only those products whose quality can be guaranteed. Our managers will help you to choose the storage tank in accordance with your requirements and parameters of the heated area. We offer not only high quality, modern and efficient heat accumulators, but their on-site installation.
We do not recommend to mount teploakummulyator own, and recommend that you contact our specialists to help you set this unit. When installing the need to comply with the high level of thermal insulation - it will help reduce heat loss. Our experienced master installers guarantee proper observance of insulation that helps maintain a comfortable temperature for longer in the room.
The term safety of high temperature can reach several days, if properly pick up the volume of the device. That is why, before you buy a heat accumulator, we recommend you consult with our experienced engineers - they will find you just such a machine that you will be satisfied. Furthermore the system tank in the tank, we can install additional heater, which allows to save thermal energy over a longer time period.
"Wind Rose" produces heat accumulators with thermal insulation and without it. Different models are equipped with a variety of built-coil heat exchangers. We also create heat accumulators with built-in water tank - internal boiler made of stainless steel, which can be used to provide hot water facilities.
Depending on the model and customer requirements, we make different accommodation options pipes tank. If you do not lower the water and prevent the infiltration of air into the system, the service life of our storage tank is almost unlimited. All buffer tanks are required to have control of the fortress and by air tightness testing.
Remember that the heat accumulator is properly and effectively only if it is selected on the container and equipped with heat exchangers, if necessary with the required surface area. To make sure your heat accumulator has been cost-effective, its size should be carefully calculated. That is what we offer, "Wind Rose", the company has highly skilled professionals interested in satisfying their customers.
If you have a finished project in which you are sure, then we are happy to implement it and create a high-quality and durable unit. If you do not have a project, our team of engineers will offer you options, among which you are sure to pick up exactly what you need.
Rely on us to solve your problems - you will not regret it.