Stainless steel tank - without any competition
To store, pour or move the fluid must have the capacity, cans, bottles, amphorae and ... even spoons - anything that accommodates water, beer, kerosene, acid, etc. Stainless steel tank stands out in this series container for any liquid. Corrosion resistance, strength, durability and other properties of stainless steel pots long well known. They have found their place not only in the food, chemical, petroleum and other industries, but have recently become "fashionable" among the household goods. People in comparison with the recent past began to live a more prosperous and therefore can often be a good private home to see stainless steel tank. In Kiev, and not only in the capital, throughout Ukraine such products are in great demand. Our specialists, possessing modern instruments and equipment, may thanks to its accumulated experience to make any stainless steel tanks for household and industrial use. Therefore, if you have any "overwhelming desire to make a nice" then come to us. Our managers will take the order, and the wizard will do everything very quickly.


Stainless steel tank - sales leader. The water tank can buy from us.

Questions storage, transportation and placement of liquids are always keenly for any liquids. It is possible, for example, tomato juice poured into the reservoir, stainless steel which securely retain all the taste of the product. Stainless steel tanks used for transporting chemically active liquids. A wine or vodka often poured into the stainless steel tank in Kiev. Of course, there are many other containers used in the food, fuel, chemical and other industries. But the statistics are stubborn things, which confirms once again unbeatable mechanical and physico-chemical properties of the material. Stainless steel tanks for household purposes acquire many buyers: stainless steel tank perfectly fit into any interior bathroom or bath villa.
The ability to "work" in hard weather conditions, retain the original appearance of the shower surface of the tank, stainless steel which will guarantee against corrosion. Milk tanker - it is nothing like put to the "wheel" stainless steel tank. In Kiev you can see and tankers with characteristic shiny surface. And even a strategic water reserve (in case of network outages, and suddenly end of the world?) Best preserves stainless steel tank, which will leave the water in its original form, without adding to it an unpleasant taste, such as plastic containers. Such tanks welded fittings and caps can heat the water in the bath or tanks for the Titans will heat the water for the whole family for household use.
The stainless steel tank is able to last for ever
Specialists and masters of our company, having vast experience in the manufacture of various metal products, Brew stainless steel tank of all sizes and shapes. Advantages enjoyed by such structures over other tanks are enormous. Stainless steel tanks:
Excellent withstand corrosion, which is the most damaging to many ferrous metals.
When transporting liquids they are reliable in strength unlike glass or ceramics.
Temperature effects are converted into a hard plastic container with a capacity of cracks. Tanks for liquid gas "run" even from the times of the Soviet Union, to see such a "tank" of stainless steel in Kiev can be now.
Excellent qualities, resistance to "natural aging" puts such products on the market of metal structures out of competition. Call us - we always come to the aid of any matters relating to the manufacture of metal products on order.
Stainless steels varies depending on your needs. For industrial water aisi 430, 201, 202, drinking water and food aisi 304 for acids and corrosive substance aisi 316 L

Water tank

Water tank - capacity is needed not only for the industrial sectors, but also in each particular sector. A particular demand are deserved water tanks of stainless steel. This material is characterized by many important advantages: high corrosion resistance, chemical neutrality material which does not react with water and guarantees the purity of the liquid. Also, a water tank made of stainless steel - is reliability, durability and longevity of use.
Today in retail you can buy water tanks of all sizes, but mass production can not always offer quality products. Also - factory water tanks, made of types of drawings do not always fit the size of the planned objectives. The company "Wind Rose" production water tanks and other products is one of the main directions. We build tanks for water both in their own projects, and project the customer in full compliance with the specified size. We work with companies and private individuals, and for us it is easy to create a water tank in a single copy or a batch of tanks for the enterprise.
Shape tanks manufactured by us depends on the size of the installation space capacity and fantasy customer. We can do for you tank cylindrical or rectangular, oval or cone. We also create accessories for tanks: the lid (hinged, removable, bolt, etc.), cranes, brackets, fittings, and more. If you need a tank water heater, our engineers will work out for you such a project. For this purpose, the tank will be installed heating element required heater power. If desired, the tank can be equipped with a built-in thermostat to be able to heat water to a comfortable temperature.
For the manufacture of metal cans, we use different thicknesses depending on the size and capacity calculation indices. Our highly skilled master welders guarantee the quality of welds, which can not be expected from a standard tanks welded in the automatic mode. We also guarantee the long-term use, safety and reliability of our water tanks, which our experienced engineers and craftsmen mandatory testing every new contact tank for leaks welds and leakage at the joints.
So you got just such a water tank, which you need, we recommend that in each case, contact our specialists to create a detailed design. Only after you sign up to the execution of the project, our team will execute the order in strict compliance with it. We never violate the terms of the order, and are ready to provide wizards to install the water tank in place. Pricing tank is made depending on its size, the thickness of the metal used, specifications and other parameters. But in any case - you'll be pleased with our low price and high quality work!