The heating system of the roof is designed to prevent the formation of icicles, ice and snow melting in gutters, downpipes and roof areas. Installation of antiled performed using the heating cable from the world's leading manufacturers.

For a flat roof used Heated funnel SK TUOTE (Finland), which is used as a self-regulating heating cable.

Why do you need a roof heating cable?

Many people pay attention to the summer mutilated roofs, drains, gutters to drain water. And only in the winter with snowfall and formation of icicles, we understand that it is the main reason they are so unsightly appearance is sometimes very expensive homes. Those who have already faced this problem, know that the roof repair is expensive - and sometimes do no less a new roof. Among other things, the formation of icicles and snow melt along the perimeter of the roof, life-threatening and can lead to tragedy. To avoid all of these reasons, it is necessary to provide for snow and meltwater unhindered descent to the ground level. To do this, and there are cable heating systems and roof gutters.

Heating of the roof - it's economical

Heating roof heating cable (self-regulated or resistance), extends the life of the roof, protects gutters and downspouts from damages. Prevents damage caused by falling icicles, prevents loss of the facade and the circuit wiring. We offer a variety of heating systems for the heating of the roof to choose from, in order to be able to find the optimal solution from an economic point of view, because not every system is equally suitable for any occasion. Only through proper selection of the system and the heating cable, de-icing systems for roofs, the user can get the benefits that he expects.

Heating of the roof - it's safe

The system de-icing roofs, prevents injuries and damage to property caused by falling icicles. Modern cable systems heating of the roof does not support combustion and control system to secure your home from leakage through the roof. Some systems even heating cable used at petrol stations and kindergartens. This fact, of course, characterized by heating cable systems as a safe and reliable system.

Reliable and proven product

The company "Wind Rose" establishes only proven long-term trouble-free operation of cable systems heating of the roof. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of cables are suitable for heating of the roof. The fact that only a self-regulating cable brands such as: ESR-BOT, TRACECO (ELTRACE France), GM-2X, GM-2X-C, 8BTV-2-CT (RAYCHEM US), RGS-32, RGS-18 (Thermon ), Bartec, Ensto fully comply with requirements for Required for him. The company "Wind Rose" ensures that our experts will calculate the correct heating of the roof system, comply with all safety standards and the standards set. We will set the heating of the roof, ktorory not spoil the appearance of the structure.

By heating cable company "Wind Rose" makes high demands on resistance to stress. The heating cable is required to be resistant to UV, to precipitation and have a high resistance to damage resistance. It must withstand the negative and high temperatures that can range from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C and, as the basic heating cable must maintain its characteristics, not only for the warranty period, and for many years.

Heating cables come in two types: resistive and self-regulating cables cables.

The composition of the anti-icing system

Deicing system for a roof includes:

1. The heating part, consisting of heating cables and accessories for mounting them on the roof. The structure of the heating part may also include a funnel with built-in heating elements snow guard interacting with the heating elements.

2. distribution and information network, providing food for all elements of the heating anti-icing system of the roof and carrying data signals from the sensor to shield the control system. The system antiled includes power and data cables that meet the conditions of work on the roof, junction boxes and fasteners.

3. The control system, comprising a control cabinet, special temperature controllers, weather stations, temperature, precipitation and water, starting and protective equipment, corresponding system power and performance of the class of the control cabinet.

4. Installation of the heating of the roof done only with the use of imported equipment. The company "Wind Rose" provides service and technical support throughout the range of products offered. Warranty up to 5 years. Post-warranty service. Strict quality control before the sale and installation.


Heated roof drains and Heating. Anti-icer heating system provides heating and drainpipes that can save them from destruction during the winter.


Group TM "Wind Rose" has been working in the field of heating cable roof and occupies a leading position in the region. The strategy of the company - promotion of modern heating cable roof and gutters through the provision of quality services to the customer, from system design, supply and installation of equipment. and to the provision of a full 5-year warranty and service. We have all necessary licenses and permits to carry out the installation of electrical equipment.

In recent years, due to the evolving situation on the energy market, and thanks to the active position of our company, have become increasingly popular system of complete electro-heating, as well as special systems such as - protection of external surfaces of snow and ice, the system trace (heating) pipes, gutters, drains, frost protection technological equipment.

Main activities:

1. Design and installation of electric heating.

2. Design and installation of protection from snow and ice outdoor areas (roofs, drainage systems, roads, ramps, lesnichnuyu marches).

3. Design and installation of heating systems in a variety of industrial processes (product pipelines, tanks, etc.).

4. Supply and installation of equipment elektrootopitelnogo:

 The heating cable;

 Temperature controller (for control and management of heating systems);


♦ Infrakrasnye Heaters;

♦ Teploventilyatory.

Company TM "Wind Rose" is the official dealer of the company DEVI.

Quality assurance.

The customer can always be sure of the quality of our products as all products are certified by State Standard of Ukraine and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and has the international quality certificate ISO. All products are subject to strict multistage quality control.

The company's success contributes mainly high quality products, as well as the rate for highly qualified staff of managers, engineers and installers. The accumulated experience, high technical level of the company's employees, allows you to professionally perform the tasks of any level.


Our objects:

Over the years of work in Ukraine, the company has installed many electric heating systems in apartments, private houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Some examples of the successful use of electric heating and snow melting systems, roof heating:

Name and address of the object.

Heating cable laid

Kiev - the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Lviv - central office, call center ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Odessa -  the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Ivano-Frankivsk central office ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Simferopol - the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Cherkasy - the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Chernihiv - the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Vinnitsa - the central office of ZAT "Kyivstar G.S.M."


Kyiv Metro Headquarters Kyiv, Pobedy Ave


Village of Lytky Recreation center


"Opad" car showroom, Zhytomyr


Myronovsky Meat Processing Plant "Legko"


Plant "New product" Zhashkov


Fast food restaurant Kiev Nyvky


Office center, Kiev, Vladimirskaya st., 5b.


Shop ceramic tiles "Hermitage" Zhytomyr


Private cottages in Kiev, Koncha Zaspa settlement


Private cottages in Zhitomir, Guiva settlement


Office center "Verkon", Kiev


NBU Zhytomyr 380

Church of St. Vladimir in the village. Novoarkhangelsk, Kirovograd region

Beryozka complex on the Zhytomyr-Novograd highway 300
Private cottages in Kiev, Koncha Zaspa settlement 1800
Private cottages Zhytomyr pos. Guiva 1600
Entertainment center FOK Zhytomyr 150
Heating of pallets of the freezer BAT Milkman Zhytomyr 150
Heating of pipelines PJSC Zhytomyr oil plant - the company "Rud" 140
Heating of pipelines of the Minimax fire extinguishing system Korosten MDF plant 3040


Heating of the roof on the basis of the heating cables group DE-VI (Denmark).

The result of the application of the "Antiskat":

1. The exclusion and ice formation icicles at relatively low capital cost and low energy consumption;

2. Providing health system organized runoff during the winter and off-season;

3. Exclusion from leaking, damaged facades and gutters.

Materials, sensors, automation group DANFOSS GROUP Denmark


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DeviflexTM DTCE-30 Special cable for outdoor installation on the roof.

Outdoor PVC insulation black. UV-resistant and weatherproof. Used for protecting systems from freezing snow and ice on the roof (roof heating systems), in gutters and drains. It is produced as a two-wire shielded (copper + foil) heating cable with a high-temperature Teflon insulated heating cores and shielded from the cold end to the sealed shrink an adapter.

Multi-function controller for Anti-icer (detection limits of the temperature sensor -50do + 120 ° C), complete control of the sensor temperature and humidity sensor Devireg 850II.


обогрев кровли


Installing the heating system and roof gutters:


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Safety of the heating system of the roof:

 The system comprises only heating cables have the appropriate certificates.

 The heating part of the system is equipped with RCD or differential automaton with leakage current less than 30 mA (for the full requirements of electric safety - 10 mA).

 Sophisticated anti-icing system is divided into separate parts with leakage currents in each part does not exceed a certain value.

Guarantee of the heating system of the roof:

 The warranty on the cable system - 10 years.

 Guarantee of automation - 3 years.

Mounting condition of the heating system of the roof:

 Delivery of materials and execution of assembly workers 10-15 working days from receipt of the advance payment to our bank account.

♦ Perform design and cost estimates

♦ Availability of licenses and certificates.

♦ Preparation of the tender documents.

♦ The estimate of AVK-3.

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