The group of companies "Windrose" you can buy stainless steel sheet:

AISI 321 and costs 140 UAH per kg,
In AISI 304 for the price of 90 USD per kg,
AISI 316L and costs UAH 200 per kg (optional)
AISI 201 for the price of 70 USD per kg.
AISI 430 (mirror surface in the film) - 60 UAH per kilogram.

Types of steel surfaces:

Mark Surface The method of rolling
1 matt r / c with annealing and pickling
2B matt mirror h / k annealing and pickling, a finishing rolling
BA mirror h / to annealing and pickling, in an oven caustic ammonia
Sat, Grind, N polished h / k annealing and pickling, and abrasion
SB Fine grinding
PVC The coating protective film

The use of steels of various grades

Mark AISI 304

Austenitic with low carbon content. Easily weldable, resistant to intergranular corrosion. High strength at low temperatures. Amenable to electropolishing. Is the most versatile and widely used of all stainless steels.
Applications: Used in systems for the food, chemical, textile, petroleum, pharmaceutical and paper industries.

Mark ISI 316L

An improved version of AISI 304 (with the addition of molybdenum), which makes it particularly resistant to corrosion. Technical properties of the steel at high temperatures, much better than that of similar steel not containing molybdenum. (Molybdenum (Mo) makes the steel more protected against pitting corrosion in chloride environment, sea water and acetic acid vapor). AISI 316 and 316L are used for chemical equipment and tools that come into contact with the sea water and the atmosphere, in the manufacture of equipment for developing films, installations for the processing of food, containers for waste oils.

Marka AISI 316T

The presence of titanium (Ti), five times the carbon content, provides a stabilizing effect against precipitation of chromium carbides (Cr) on the surface of the crystals.
Applications: Parts with high resistance to high temperatures and to the environment with the presence of new chlorine ions. Blades for gas turbines, cylinders, welded structures, manifolds. It is also used in the food and chemical industries.

Mark AISI 321

Chromium-nickel steel with the addition of titanium (Ti), is particularly recommended in the manufacture of welded structures and for use at temperatures between 400 C and 800 C. Resistant to corrosion.
Applications: The equipment for the oil refining industry, chemical plants and equipment, resistant to high temperatures. It is also used for the manufacture of welded equipment in different industries (pipes, fittings furnace parts, heat exchangers). The main application of steel AISI 321 (08X18H10T) - a manufacturer of chimneys welding in argon environment.

Mark AISI 430

It is the most widely used ferritic chromium steels. Have a good strength and mechanical properties, providing a high chromium content and low carbon content; well deformed in the drawing process used and stamping. In contrast, nickel-containing austenitic steels, low carbon chromium ferritic steel resistant to corrosion processes in various sulfur containing environments. Therefore, products made of steel AISI 430 can be used in systems for pumping gas oil and clean oil. Construction in AISI 430 less resize temperature fluctuations.

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