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Роза ветров:

Acid and heat-resistant flue ((made firm "Wind Rose" - brand of AISI 321 steel) perfectly will be suitable for a fireplace, the furnace which is heated firewood, solid propellant copper and the acidproof flue (AISI 316L stainless steel) perfectly proved for condensation coppers and gas coppers of big power. Flue for solid fuel and a flue for gas of the specified brands are the almost eternal products checked for years and which still do not have complaints from users. It is natural that the flue 1 mm thick is more expensive, than the flue 0,5 mm thick, but after all and service life is much higher at a flue of the correct brand of steel.

What is the right decision?
The right decision is to buy the right things.
If it is a car it should be a BMW, if it is a flue it should be of a Wind Rose brand.
Aircraft exhaust pipes are made of stainless steel AISI 321
and we will make a flue for your notChinese.
LTD. Group of Companies "Windrose" makes any elements of flues: flue pipes by a diameter from 100 to 2000 mm, heat-insulated and non-insulated (a sandwich-flues) in spiegel stainlesssteel, galvanized steel, flues in a copper, flues in an aluminium, square flues, oval flues and their elements, conversions from a square to the circle, from a circle to the rectangle (including adisplacement), round, square and rectangular slide rules (draft regulators), spark-killers, deflectors (thrust augmentators). We will make for you smoke boxes of any configuration, finish coats forbrick flue pipes and any other elements: nets for stones and radiators.
Why is the brand of stainless steel so important?
Right flues are made of acid-and-heat-resistant stainless titanic steel of AISI 321 (08Cr18Ni10Ti) which thickness is 1 mm. They maintain high temperatures (over 450 °) and have a high resource of service. Such flues are not sensitive to sulphuric, nitric acid, creosote and other substances that is produced in the process of burning of firewoods and coal. Such flue is for fire-places, saunas, stoves and firewoods caldrons. Using such flue, you solve the problem of smoke removal forever. Our flues can be put even in log houses.
Right flues do not burn through.
Therefore we use only right stainless steel of AISI 321 (08Cr18Ni10Ti) mark which thickness is a 1 mm and higher. This stainless steel is acid-and-heat-resistant, therefore it maintains well a high temperature and runback. In addition, thickness of basaltic insulant which is used makes a 35 mm, and it maintains a temperature of 800 degrees.
Wrong flue is the one made of a thin metal (less than 1 mm) and of wrong stainless steel (not AISI 321 mark) will burn completely for 3 years (or a bit longer if you're lucky). Acquiring a cheap flue in a shop or on a market, you have no guarantee and calmness. Flue which is made of a thin Chinese metal could be easily crumpled by one-arm. Such flue fits only for a geyser.
You can not use wrong flues in caldrons, stoves, fire-places, bath-houses and saunas. As at incineration of firewoods, coal, oil-fuel much heat is allocated and an acid runback is produced.
Ordinary stainless steel - AISI 304, and her analogues befits for caldron flues, flues with low burning temperature.
At heating, smoke gases, passing through a flue, cool down inevitably, aquatic steam on the walls of flue turns into a water and appears runback that dissolves a soot in itself, mixing with the combustion products of fuel in liquid-and-solid- fuel caldrons and fire-places - CO, CO2, NOx, sulfur compounds, forms a corresponding acids, and mixtures thereof. Among such acids - - hydrochloric, nitric and sulphuric. All this is a runback - very aggressive liquid.
In addition, using of firewoods as a fuel results in formation of resins and creosote which also is an easily ignitible substance. A runback destroys the walls of flue and results in its complete destruction, if a flue is made of an off-grade materials. Through appearing cracks and holes carbon monoxide gets into the apartment. It is pleasant to smell fresh tree in a bath-house, not carbon monoxide.
To buy a wrong flue - is to save up on your life and safety.
At the market or in shops there are flues from thin stainless steel (0,5-0,8 mm). But these flues befit only for gas caldrons, therefore for exploitation in the conditions of high temperatures on them no guarantee will be given you. Nobody will be able to answer: what temperature is maintained by a flue, whether he is steady to acids.
Certainly, a desire to save money can prompt you to buy such flue and count on a fluke. Perhaps, this economy is imaginary. As where it comes to fire safety - jokes are bad. It is better to buy a flue with a superresource, than a cheap one. However it's up to you.
Our company provides a guarantee on flues therefore you can get the reliable device here completely corresponding the quality to its price. The flue is not a trifle in the general plan of construction, it is the important stage based on observance of fire safety regulations and a choice of the correct materials.