Our company produces containers for the food industry (food containers) Stainless steel. Our products meet all standards and have several advantages:

strictly calculated thickness of the metal high-quality welding seams design features of each order.
We build the tanks of standard capacity by customer's drawings. Our engineers can design and create drawings in accordance with your individual project. Food containers of your choice can be fixed on supports , sliding on adjustable feet, vertical or horizontal, straight , inclined or conical bottom. In addition to the individual design, our experts also carry out transportation and installation of the equipment produced .
We produce food containers with single and multilayered sides . Single-layer used where products do not require heat treatment. A multi-layer insulated sides provide the desired temperature in a "termoshirt." The sides of the tank can be a two- or three-layer.
We also produce accessories for food tanks: mixers, "shirts" for cooling and heating, cleaning heads, manholes, inspection openings, temperature sensors, and many more.
Highly qualified technicians and our engineers take into account all the features of construction, in order to avoid ill- washed and dead zones in tanks. The volume of containers also varies from customer requirements and qualification of our craftsmen allows to solve the most complex tasks.
Food containers of our production are used:
in the dairy industry
in the brewing industry
in the fruit and vegetable sector
transport and storage of water
in fisheries.
The cost of our equipment for the food industry from stainless steel is quite available and competitive. We value our name and we guarantee high quality and reliability of our work. Our managers will be glad to answer all your questions and to sign the contract on cooperation. We hope for fruitful collaboration.
Capacities for hashing of food are called "mixers". They represent special units which carry out machining of products: hashing, dissolution, emulsification and homogenization. Mixers are actively used in the confectionery industry, in production of baby food, dairy products, sausages, and also in the fruit and vegetable industry.
Our company can offer you development and production of mixers of necessary capacity.
They will be created on your project or on the project of our engineers. Our experts have high qualification and a vast experience of work. They will be able to solve your problems on creation of a mixer according to your requirements and specifics of your production.
Depending on your wishes we will create a mixer with various form of the bottom (flat, inclined, conic), with the necessary speed rotation of blades, with a desirable way of loading (filling) of necessary components and with other features of the individual order.
For convenience of extraction of a ready-made product tanks for hashing of food can overturn. Mixers can have the additional equipment: a clock, sensors of pressure and temperature, safety gates for removal of air or condensate, the regulator of speeds and directions of hashing and many other necessary devices.
Our mixers share on some types:  blade mixers intended for hashing of products of small viscosity;  frame mixers for products of high viscosity; propeller mixers for products of small viscosity;  anchor mixers intended for very dense and viscous products.
All our mixers are made of the high-quality stainless steel intended especially for foodstuff. They passed toxicological test and possess high corrosion-resistant properties. We care of full harmlessness of the materials connected with production of food.
The capacities for hashing of food are created according to all requirements of safety measures of work and preservation of quality of the made production.
Address to our company by phone. We will execute your order of any complexity and we guarantee quality and reliability of our production."