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Copper roofing scales - timeless beauty. There are many variations of seam roof. But one of the most common is the copper scales. The main factor in the choice of this picture is beautiful appearance. Identical structure elements is shaped like a flake, looks wonderful complement the overall look. Unlike conventional roofing, which may also be presented in a similar format, all the flakes are single surface without gaps. In addition, the folded roof by definition does not provide for openings. Due to this metal scales can serve as a long-term without repairs, and other expenses. Form scaly roof was not chosen randomly. It provides excellent protection from any rain. Small cavities between the scales serve to guide the water. When mounted scales, the roof is not afraid of snowy winters. Gonna roof snow melts on the polished scales, thereby creating less stress, compared to many other types of roofing. Considerable importance is the choice of material and manufacturing. Copper is recognized as one of the best materials for the manufacture of roofing materials. Her success with the high cost of paying off durability (more than one hundred years of service), and beautiful appearance. Besides copper scales in Kiev is gradually changing its color. Initially, in the classic version has a copper silver color with some pink (reddish) shade, a year later it becomes brownish, due to the formation of oxide and then becomes dull black. There are other variations in color, e.g., green.


Copper scales and sword - the tradition of ancient Kiev.


One of the inventions of the ancient eastern Slavs is a brass and copper scales checker. Despite the complexity of the technology, a copper sword, the price of which can not be low, many centuries serves humanity. From now on, not only on the eastern borders of Europe.

Copper scales Kiev covered many centuries ago. Its main application focuses on the dome of the temple. Durability, which provides a copper roof, allows you to make only cosmetic repairs for decades. Needless craft transition (copper and copper scales checker) fathers handed sons until the technology has become the object of attention of industrialists.

The group of companies "Windrose" and its customers know that the copper block, the price and quality fully meet the dictates of reason. Copper checker (Kiev and his guests know perfectly well what I mean) attracts with its dazzling beauty. Depending on the shape and structure of the roof, copper scales and roof covered it, leave a lasting impression.

Copper roofing not only has the property of durability, as well as a simple contemplative appeal, but is versatile enough to use. Domes in which copper scales covers Kiev is not the only place where copper is a sword, the price of which corresponds to the quality.

You probably already met dwellings in which copper and scales the roof harmoniously form a single structure. Bending curvature, corners, or simply flat copper roof at a slight slope - this is not an exhaustive list for the material.


медная чешуя  медная шашка медная шашка  медная шашка


объемная шашка  шашка киев  шашка для кровли  шашка кровельная

Copper and copper scales are typically checker plate in the form of a rhombus, a square, a trapezoid, a rectangle, and even parallelogram. Do not try to remember everything - just call the "Rose of the Winds", find out whether we have copper scales, the price for it will suit you. Do not forget that the copper roof for Kiev - is not only a tribute to tradition, but also the useful application of modern technologies.

If you are not sure about the choice of roofing materials, the best solution would be copper scales, it is easy to buy, all expenses paid off in a couple of decades when other types of roofs had several repairs. By carrying out the construction of the house once, you can forget about any problems with the roof, if the frame is made very high quality. This installation of copper scales should be trusted only to specialists.

Experts Group "Wind Rose" has considerable experience in installing standing seam roofing and copper scales in particular. They carry out installation of the roof, regardless of the complexity of the work, providing high quality, durability and beautiful appearance of the roof.

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