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Seam roof in Kiev.


When you want to choose a roofing material that meets the requirements of comfort, reliable operation and durability, preferably pay attention to the seam roof. To date, folded roof in Kiev is very popular. Feature of technology in the installation speed, durability, beautiful and solid appearance. The only apparent drawback, which has a seam roofing - price, slightly higher compared to other roofing materials, such as slate. However, it should be noted that the steel is at least 50 years, and copper roof over 100let, with virtually no need of repair. As a result, seam roofing is more economical with respect to other materials. Trust installation of standing seam roofing is preferable professionals. assembly technique is that the roofing sheets fastened to the base (or furring) capping, and interconnected by seams. As a result a whole surface without any holes. When choosing artists for roofing work, you need to take care of if they have experience. Group Windrose long-term work with the standing seam roof, experienced masters know and take into account the sheet metal features in the works. Also available folded roof in Kiev coated variety of colors, textures, allowing you to create a beautiful look that will be visible from afar.


Seam roof


On the advantages of copper standing seam roofing I know many. But copper - is not the only unique material, which is used today for roofing. Modern technologies and progress gave the world a lot of useful metals for installation of roofs. Among them - a very beautiful and durable roof of the following materials:


The roof of Rannila CLASSIC. This roofing made of steel, which in terms of reliability and durability is not inferior to copper. Roofing sheets of this material are interconnected by means of seam joint, for installation does not require additional sealing. This connection is very reliable and does not let moisture. Steel roofing is very popular today, because it is not only low cost, and ease of installation, but also the richness of colors, as well as the ability to create from it a very complicated roof design. Roof Rannila CLASSIC - is a high quality industrial product. For extra protection against corrosion, it is covered by high quality polymer coating having a high chemical resistance and good transporting temperature swings from high to low in the summer plus freezing winter.


Titan zinc roofing. Noble appearance and surprisingly long life - these are the distinctive qualities of a modern titanium-zinc standing seam roofing. Installed it with a double-folded seam, which is more reliable and waterproof. If the installation of the roof sheets of this material was carried out by professionals and no process violations, such a roof would serve without the need to repair hundreds of years. Titan zinc - it is a very strong metal, is not subject to corrosion and large temperature changes. In the process of interaction with oxygen, titanium-zinc roof covered with a layer of patina, which makes it very beautiful and eye-catching.


Roof made of aluminum. This type of roof has recently gained popularity due to some advantages: it is easy and quite flexible metal, which can bend at the freakish form. Aluminum roofs are most appropriate when installing roofs with complex relief. Also, aluminum is a perfect reflection of the sun's rays, which does not allow the roof to heat up. This is especially nice in the summer. However, aluminum is prone to corrosion, and therefore requires a special coating and maintenance.



Seam roof, its features, characteristics, advantages. Seam roof installation cost and standing seam roofing.


Today there are many types of roofing. It was from her will depend largely on the durability of the building, the comfort of living in it. Because each type of roof carefully considered by the developer. However, the most preferred is today a modern roofing rebated, meets all the criteria as efficiency, durability, safety, comfort, environmental cleanliness. While holding book Roofing need only specialists.
Group of companies "Windrose" carries out installation of standing seam copper roof in Kiev with the use of modern technology and considerable experience of the builders. Due to this, the roof of your home is not only beautiful, solid, visible from afar, but also durable, do not require constant repairs. Seam roof can be made of copper, wounded, aluminum or titanium zinc:


фальцевая кровля фальцевая кровля киев фальцевая кровля фальцевая кровля медь фальцевая кровля


What is the folded roof


What is the folded roof than it remarkable? The device combines its combination of modern technology connections with welts (stitches) and protective, the visual properties of sheet metal, especially copper. Technology rebate provide exceptional tightness of the roof due to the fact that the metal sheets are absent any openings, respectively, do not require the use of sealant which must be restored periodically.
Connecting joints is provided by seaming mechanism, and to the base seam roofing is secured by special klyamerami. Our company offers a variety of configurations, shapes, copper sheets, which makes it possible to realize any design solutions in accordance with the chosen style.

Characteristics of copper standing seam roofing


While the device is used, hot-rolled sheet copper, because it does not lose plasticity, resistant to environmental influences. You can use it to organize pitched roof with a slope of 16-45 °, with the sheet metal - the only durable material, suitable for the construction of the roof with a small slope. In addition, copper is not afraid of low, high temperatures, sudden changes in temperature.
There is also an important aspect, which is preferred by copper seam roofing Kiev chooses it because of the natural effects of aging. Also, a group of companies AkzoNobel brand "Wind Rose" offers a copper roof, previously subjected to oxidation (oxidized copper or patinated copper). In this way, copper becomes an appropriate shade of red and yellow to brown, azure-green. Of course, you can rely on the natural oxidation of copper, but under the influence of climatic factors, the surface is oxidized neravnomerno.


фальцевая кровля фото  фальцевая кровля киев  фальцевая кровля  фальцевая кровля


Seam roof goes well and in harmony with the sword and scales, creating a unique pattern.

Advantages of copper standing seam roofing


Unlike many other options, roofing seamed for a variety of types of pitched roofs, regardless of their complexity. In addition, it has a series of advantages, which include:


 Light weight. 1m2 load is about 4-5kg. This reduces the cost of the device base.


 Excellent waterproofing. Whole sheets without holes prevent the entry of moisture.


 Large architectural features. Metal sheets are fairly easy to take almost any shape, due to this they can be used not only for flat roofs, but also cylindrical, conical, spherical and other shapes.


 Long service life. Seamed copper roof can serve 100 years or more, without the need of major repairs.


Furthermore, sheet metal roofing materials advantageous in price. Unlike other materials, which are often in need of repair, a sheet metal is practically not subject to corrosion and tear. Often, it is believed that the cost of a copper seam roof in Kiev is quite high, but when you consider that copper does not rust, resistant to any climatic conditions do not require permanent repairs eventually cost it becomes more advantageous with respect to other roofing materials.


In order copper seam roofing has served you for many decades, its installation should be trusted only to professionals. The group of companies "Wind Rose" has significant experience in carrying out roofing. Our experts carried out construction of a new copper roof, repairs to the dismantling of the old roofing material. In all types of work we give a guarantee, perhaps the subsequent after-sales service.


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