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Chimney cap, caps, umbrellas, wheeler - not once referred to as "houses of metal" on the brick chimney. Function flyugarki cap does not change. First of all, a brick chimney cap for protection from precipitation. Second, and of not least its purpose - to prevent the top of the brick chimney from destruction. For this purpose the metal skirt to the width of the brick. Umbrella brick chimney and gives aesthetic appearance and prevents birds from getting into the vent. Keep in mind that an umbrella over zagilzovannym chimney and ventilation ducts must be cut to output chimney, or carbon dioxide from the flue can enter the ventilation. Hood in Kiev can be bought from us. We are not afraid of any design design caps may make any, including copper chimney cap, ranilovy, painted with powder paint. Stainless steel umbrella protects from acid condensate and copper give respectability "eternal construction." Flyugarki in Kiev - is not just a fad, it is dictated by the need for experience. No one wants his Mercedes from the roof was falling bricks. Therefore, the design must be calculated correctly, in compliance with the laws of aerodynamics. Wrong cover only harm.


The hood on the pipe (the pipe umbrella, headroom chimney) - is not only a harsh necessity, but also decoration of the roof.

After installation of a tee with a window for opportunity to observe and for collecting of condensate, installation of a strut of a flue is carried out. The flue-sandwich is mounted in a girder surely with application of the unloading platforms removing the weight of an internal sleeve of a flue. As it is impossible to pull together rigidly with collars as it will lead to compression of a heater and, as a result, losses of the properties by it.
Chimney systems terminates in such element as a top or a cone. Further check of draught and start-up of the equipment is carried out. Installation of an industrial flue is ended.
For protection of brick chimney against destruction as a result of aeration, and also for prevention of hit of rainfall in a chimney, caps for chimney are made. The brick chimney without cap is inclined to destruction as a result of aeration and impact of rainfall. As a result the upper edge of a chimney bursts, the facing brick breaks away, and also falling of bricks from a roof is possible.  
Material of which the cap on a flue pipe is made is important.
Some firms offer caps from galvanized or colored galvanized steel, from stainless steel without framework. However such caps have no rigidity and therefore is called "clap" on a wind (that can cause unpleasant sounds in a chimney). They are deformed under the influence of rainfall. Besides, the "bare" cap from galvanized steel under the influence of the leaving combustion gases (caustic on the structure) turns into a sieve sooner or later.
Caps on chimney (from “Wind rose” Co.) are made of acid-proof stainless steel and sheathed from above by materials to the discretion of the customer (copper, etc.).


медный колпак  коренник  медный коренник  флюгарка киев  колпак дымохода  


The cap design is also important.
On some sites it is possible to see the caps which are excessively "decorated" with additional bends, weather vanes. It inevitably attracts turbulence, as a result doesn't protect a pipe, but leads to its shaking and destruction.
The main requirement to a cap is functionality, protection against rainfall and durability.


флюгарка медная  флюгарка медная  флюгарка медная  флюгарка медная  флюгарка медная   флюгарка медная


Correctly made cap doesn't cause turbulence (as a result of vibration and noise in a flue). It has to be ideally fixed, balanced, has the correct tilt angle. It will provide its durability.
The additional function is decorative. We make caps for brick chimney and choose their coloring to match of a roof. We consider the сustomer's wishes, however, without forgetting about the main requirement - functionality.
Configurations of caps
Caps for a chimney are intended for installation on a chimney or an air shaft. The unique aerodynamic design of a cap promotes prevention of formation of condensate under a cap cover. Cap on a chimney — it and an ancient architectural element, and at the same time absolutely new attribute of a roof. It bears the impress of antiquity and at the same time becomes a fashion sign. . New retro tendencies in architecture appeared together with return to houses of fireplaces. Very few people decide to make full oven heating in the new house, and here fireplaces become a sign of noble aristocratic style and enjoy popularity. Together with a fireplace in the house inevitably there is a flue and a chimney on a roof. And where there is a chimney, also its protection - a cap on a chimney is required. So having taken a detour in time, ancient smoke holes returned to architecture. Traditions and advanced technologies united in this type of a product, doing protection of a chimney and a roof of even more effective.
What cap would be the best
For the cap perfectly carried out the functions moreover it would be decoration of a roof, it is necessary to select carefully material for its production. The greatest esthetic appeal will be had, certainly, a cap from copper. However the copper cap will be rather reliable and beautiful only at the correct installation. It is necessary to remember that for copper details fixture it is necessary to select the special materials. It is best of all to apply copper elements of fixture. So at contact of copper with other metals undesirable chemical reactions are started. At the correct installation the copper cap will serve tens and hundreds of years, taking only more attractive appearance over time.
manufacture and installation:
The good cap on a chimney at all the external simplicity has to have very competent, technically thought over design.  In a design of a cap both the device of a chimney and feature of a roof has to be considered. A cap has to become a whole together with a pipe and a roof.  Only in this case the cap will cover a chimney and from slanting rains and from plentiful snowfalls. The qualitative cap ideally protects from external influences and together with it so faultlessly lets out a smoke. Incorrectly made or mounted a cap at best will be only a decorative element on a roof.  And in the worst it will become the real natural disaster. During strong snow drifts under pressure of snow the low-quality cap on a chimney will cave in. Sometimes unskilled installation leads to that the cap breaks from a roof, causing essential damage to a roof or cars standing nearby.
That is why it is better to entrust design and installation of a cap on a chimney to professionals.
We guarantee to the clients faultless service and durability of any product acquired at us.
Concerning the order of caps you call on ph. (044) 383-73-63