Flues cleaning

Timely cleaning chimneys - a mandatory event, which not only guarantees effective and long-lasting operation of the air, but also to ensure fire safety of the building. Every time the chimney should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned from dust deposits, soot and other combustion products, for many years to maintain its efficiency and delight residents clean air. The most efficient when cleaning chimneys occur 2 times per year, and at the time when the fireplace or stove daily work, we should take care of the monthly cleaning. But if you are between scheduled cleanings chimney noticed a decrease in thrust, this is a signal to the fact that immediately resort to call the cleaning specialist.
"Wind Rose" provides services of chimney sweeps, who have extensive experience and high qualifications in their work. Not only are they fast, safe and clean out your chimney soot and dust, but also give practical tips to care for him, so that your duct work effectively and safely for a long time.


The reasons why the cleaning of chimneys must be regularly:

The pipe is accumulated soot and products of incomplete combustion of fuel and an increase in the volume of soot reduces cravings, making use of the fireplace or the other chamber, boiler or ineffective.
In the process of sublimation of wood on the walls of the tube formed resin plaque - creosote that when a spark could flare up.
soot combustion temperature exceeds 1000º C. Not all of the pipes can withstand a temperature load without consequences. If the chimney is too overheated, the wooden construction of the house can catch fire. According to statistics, the majority of fires occur in the place of passing a chimney through the ceiling mounting home.
Condensate - the enemy of the chimney. If the chimney is operating properly and efficiently, the condensate pairs together with the flue gases go out and evaporate. But if the inner surface temperature of the tube below the "dew point" gas, then cooled and vapor droplets deposited on the inner side of the chimney. Being a weak acid solution, condensation destroys himself chimney, and contributes to the destruction of a brick masonry wall surrounding the chimney. Also due to condensate soot deposited much faster and thrust decreases and the room can smell burning.
Cleaning the chimney - it is dirty, time-consuming and demanding job, but also a complicated process, during which the need to use different equipment, techniques and tools. Specialists of "Wind Rose" in their work use several methods of cleaning: mechanical brushing, a chemical special equipment and vacuum cleaning. For each case flue purification option selected according to individual design and technical features of the fireplace or stove, and depending on the degree of contamination. But in any case - our chimney sweeps working on getting the best results with minimal material costs and losses of the owner of their own working hours. When cleaning the ventilation ducts also requires a specialized trekking depending on duct equipment.
"Wind Rose" offers chimney cleaning chimney mechanically and tested traction, because the conclusion about the condition of your chimney and the frequency of his readings can only make a specialist. Besides maintenance of chimneys We offer the creation and installation of ducts, chimneys and fireplaces. For our loyal customers, "Wind Rose" has been working on special benefits and discounts. We know that timely and high-quality cleaning of the chimney - the salvation of the many problems that arise when clogged chimney and deferred maintenance. Also chimney services, we offer a variety of other specialized works. This repair the chimney, fireplace or stove, examination and diagnosis of the state of the chimney, masonry work.
Despite the seeming simplicity of design fireplace, furnace or duct, maintenance and repairs require professional experience and skills. Regular and timely maintenance of the chimney, its cleaning and diagnostics of a professional chimney sweep - this risk reduction and effective long-term operation without any problems. Fulfilling this condition, you can enjoy a pleasant evening by the fireplace or stove with family and friends, nothing to worry.
Master and our specialists are ready to perform maintenance, reconstruction or repair in full compliance with the requirements of normative documents, requirements for qualification of personnel and maintenance equipment used. We guarantee high quality of work, safety, professional and prompt service, because our main goal is to provide services at the highest level at a reasonable and affordable price.