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Chimneys - this is an important and integral part of any chimney, whether the boiler and cogeneration plants or conventional tube furnace in the home. Properly working chimneys are a major factor in the safety of the heating system of the building.
The company "Wind Rose" - a professional with extensive experience in the manufacture of chimneys. We create the chimneys of large diameter, which are used for boiler, industrial and technology companies and for those needs that require a powerful pipe for smoke exhaust. Our chimneys have high mechanical and corrosion resistance, characterized by excellent refractory and acid resistant properties. As professionals, we recommend the use of stainless steel chimneys. We make tubes for chimneys of heat-resistant high-quality stainless steel special grades, specially designed for this purpose. Our pipes are different many advantages: ease of installation, reasonable price and long service life - much longer than the chimney, made the "old way" of bricks. We design all kinds of pipes for furnaces and produce them in two versions: single-wall (unheated) or double-walled (insulated). The application is very effective insulation prevents condensation.
Also stainless steel chimney solve a very important problem of all chimneys - it does not require an annual cleaning of soot. We create a tube with a mirror-smooth inner surface, on which no combustion products accumulate. Yes, our chimneys should be cleaned, too, but much less than, for example, brick, and they are much easier to clean.
It is well-proven modular design special - chimneys sandwich. They differ not so much weight as other pipe systems, which is very important for quick and easy mounting. Chimney sandwich has another great advantage, which is that the system allows you to create any curves and corners, if you want to bypass the structural elements of the building, and it does not lose its functionality.
Sandwich tube often takes the form of multilateral chimney, consisting of a carrier mast of welded construction or large-diameter steel pipe, which are attached chimneys of standard modules. Each boiler composed boiler has its own pipe. Industrial chimneys sandwich - a winning design, because it allows one to install the mast so the smoke barrel as needed. This is very useful when cleaning, repair or replacement of the pipe (or portion thereof) of a boiler - not need to disable the entire system. Multilateral chimneys characterized by high durability and reliability.
Industrial chimneys are mast and column types. Chimneys mast type are carrying farm and one or more insulated hot gas trunks of various diameters (1.5 m). This flue pipe is used modular. Chimney type column may have from 2 to 5 tubes of different diameters, which discharge gas from various equipment. When creating a chimney we will consider used boiler or CHP fuel and temperature of the flue gases leaving to choose the right brand of stainless steel, which should be used for the manufacture of reliable and safe chimney flues. To prevent condensation, flue pipes are covered with thermal insulation of fire-retardant basalt fiber, mineral wool or other material.
"Wind Rose" makes all the necessary details of stainless steel chimneys of the highest quality. We produce straight and shaped chimney sections, fixing and connecting parts of any length and configuration. Additionally, industrial chimneys can be equipped with platforms and stairs for maintenance and other necessary details of the customer's choice. Our experienced specialists will perform for you to design and installation of chimneys, industrial smokestacks and flues. Price chimney boiler we have quite reasonable and affordable. A high quality of the works and long-term use of chimneys "Wind Rose" guarantee.