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 he main advantages of modular boiler system:
- Custom design a modular boiler - making block modular boiler required power for heating and hot water supply of a particular object;
- Optimal selection of boiler equipment - equipment agreed with the customer (the equipment of both domestic and foreign)
- Ensuring autonomy from centralized heat supply networks;
- Possibility of multiple installation and removal of the boiler plant and its transportation;
- A short time for installation and commissioning of modular boiler installation.

The group of companies "Windrose" offers modular boilers for solid fuels.
Modular boiler installation includes boilers, pumps, heat transfer equipment, water treatment equipment - Valves, ash collectors, chimney flues and system, draft machines, automatic boiler.
Our advantages:
an integrated approach - design, installation, warranty service;
the legitimacy - all necessary licenses and permits for the design and installation;
ROI - modular boiler for solid fuels pays for two heating seasons;
efficiency - the cost of heating with solid fuels is 4 times lower than gas;
environmental friendliness - the presence dymoochistitelya protect environmental ecology;
Independence - boiler house is autonomous from centralized networks.
Natural gas rose.
Moreover, the price increased so much that suddenly coming winter spoils the mood for everybody who does not live in a hut.
Gas crises have become the norm, and no one is surprised. Unstoppable rise in the cost of gas heating adversely affects the "fatness" of the purse, threatening to bring the latter to a state of pronounced dystrophy. Sometimes it is easier to disable it is the heating system completely and sit in the boots, rather than paying fabulous gas bill. Gradually, the gas heating is transformed into a luxury item. Therefore, many are switching to heating Pillet, wood and coal. Especially in view of the uncertainty and potential blackouts and uncontrolled rise in price of gas.
Our company offers construction and installation of boilers.
We fully take on the task of designing, project approval, obtaining all permits and installation of boiler plants for apartment buildings, community facilities, industrial plants and a private cottages. We will meet and commissioning, and refitting the existing heating system. In short, fully complete the task, so that you do not have anything to worry about. As a result, you get the savings, which is not difficult to calculate. We will help you with the selection of personnel to work in a modular boiler and ensuring fuel materials at discount prices.
Our boilers are omnivores - work on all types of solid fuel (wood, pills, furniture production waste, chips, straw, coal, etc.). Our boiler provides heating and hot water supply.
The cost of the boiler for solid fuels for the apartment building.
The cost of the cost of gas heating apartment block area of 5000m2 per heating season is 309 699 USD. For two heating seasons, respectively 619 399 UAH. At the rate increased from 1 July 2014 the board. The cost of a modular boiler "turnkey" will be 610,000 USD. Ie return will be exactly two heating seasons.
The cost of the cost of coal heating of the house is 75,000 USD. during the heating season and lower than the gas four times. Furthermore, since the boiler is completely subordinated power home residents, there is a possibility to save based on actual weather conditions.
Based on the fact that the requirements of the IMF prices utilities must be brought to the market, the economy may exceed the above calculations.
Guarantee service.
We provide a guarantee on mounted modular boiler 5 years. We also provide after-sales service, cleaning the chimney, debugging equipment. Our experts will help with advice on the operation, will take the recruitment of competent staff.
The main thing - you get a house independent of the municipal system. No economic, and political change will not have power over you.