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You want to buy a proper chimney in Kiev? From the group of companies "Windrose" it will be quite easy. Choosing the chimney Kiev, we pay attention to the quality, durability, safety, beautiful appearance. According to the characteristics of the exhaust gas corresponds to the multi-layer consisting of aluminum. However, it is noted that aluminum is not used very usual. It would be correct to note that the higher the quality of the chimney Kiev will be difficult to be able to offer. The treated cold Production of aluminum casing Republic have high hardness, whereby during the careful treatment of the surface will not dent, or sandwich stack retains its shape. In addition to the range offers a wide range of colors. Often, to choose the right chimney, Kiev must go around completely. And only in the company of "wind rose" Select sandwich chimney will be easy. Manufacturer of aluminum factory painted in different colors, shades and use a special paint coating is resistant to temperature. In order to ensure that proper chimney, the company provides five years warranty. In comparison with other similar materials, chimney sandwich in longevity actions maintain the appearance of high-mirrors made of galvanized steel and stainless steel. It does not require additional finishing, resistant to ambient light, easy to use. Because the aluminum chimney sandwich, make sure that there are no permanent decoration, periodic replacement chimney.


Komin w malowanego aluminium - najlepsza oferta w Kijowie. Komina w obudowie wykonanej z aluminium, jest trwały i doskonały kolor dachu.

The flue-sandwich gained very big distribution today. However many flues are made with use of the most different materials, except really reliable, durable. To choose the correct flue, it is necessary to pay attention to the range of "Wind rose" group of companies.
On pages the most various models are presented on the pages. It is possible to choose really effective, solid flue among them. Kiev demands magnificent furniture. The special place among all range is taken by a flue made of colored aluminum. It is a very popular option. The model won high popularity for a series of advantages, which allow surpassing considerably other offered options:
First of all it is its small weight. This gives a chance to mount it with application of the most usual assembly fastenings.
The most important requirement to a flue in Kiev is a quality. The aluminum model completely meets these requirements.
Naturally, the flue has to be reliable, durable, to guarantee safety in operation. The aluminum models are capable to serve much more long than other options. Its insulating layer protects the case from overheat.
The flue is resistant to corrosion. It is easy to clear its surface of pollution.
The correct flue, at the same time durable, beautiful, perfectly protected has to answer such characteristics.
All described advantages prove how it is favorable to choose the aluminum flue. Hardly anyone in Kiev will be able to offer more perspective models. Roofing aluminum of the increased firmness of the Czech production is covered with special paint. Even when the flue-sandwich is used for branch of furnace smoke, the surface doesn't heat up to critical temperatures. The paint isn't shelled. In addition the producer gives a guarantee of 5 years on a paint and varnish covering. Aluminum is presented in big color scale that will allow picking up the most suitable flue according to style of the room.
This flue surpasses galvanized steel in durability, and stainless steel on safety of appearance. Today the flue from the Czech aluminum is one of optimum decisions for the people preferring to unite beautiful appearance with high quality.