The flues in copper will become the effective decision for houses in Kiev.

The ready framework is one of the most widespread options of a flue which is used at construction of furnaces, fireplaces. It is made by experts taking into account certain sizes. There is a set of models of flues which differ with a form, quantity and complexity of turns, production material.
Fans of quality prefer a flue from copper. He perfectly fits literally into any interior. Feature of the flue that copper changes color with silvery-yellow to a solid dark shade thanks to oxidation over time. There is an opportunity to order a flue from copper which is artificially made old by use of various additives.
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There is a possibility of production of other elements of a flue and also flues of other diameters and sizes. Discounts in the presence of large orders are possible.
But not only copper is used at production of the flue. Actually the copper flue consists of several materials. The internal casing is made of stainless steel. Special brands of stainless steel are used for this purpose.
All necessary accessories are delivered together with flues. Ordering a copper flue in Wind Rose group of companies you is guaranteed to receive beautiful, durable, safe (meeting the established requirements of security services) stylish design. It will be made according to your tastes. Besides, the flue from copper is easily mounted by experts within only several hours. To provide beautiful appearance of a flue, copper is selected individually. It can be either pure copper of a yellow-silvery shade or oxidized with effect of aging. The second option, without doubts, is more preferable as natural change of color can be uneven.

Looking for a stylish and beautiful copper flue in Kiev?

The optimal solution would be the order of the flue in the group of companies "Windrose". We produce flues for individual requirements, specifications, fireplaces, stoves. This is used for the manufacture of exceptionally high-quality materials. For the manufacture of the inner tube is used stainless steel AISI321, with a thickness of 1 mm, which ensures its lasting use, protection against burning. The steel has a titanium additive, resistant to high temperatures, acids, alkalis. It takes into account that the flue of the copper must be safe to people, because it is made by the type of sandwich. Between the inner tube and the housing provides an insulating layer of non-combustible materials. For internal flue is used AISI 321 stainless steel having a thickness of 0.5 mm.
To protect against excessive heating of the flue provides a layer of non-combustible insulation materials (rock wool bazaltnoy without the use of adhesives). In order to produce a solid and stylish at the same time the flue, copper is used as a decorative outer casing. Today, many shops, organizations are invited to copper flue in Kiev, but preference is given to companies, self-generating products and giving an uncompromising guarantee.
Experts Group "Wind Rose" made fireplace, furnace flues copper, using a variety of materials of the outer casing depending on the desired design, but in compliance with the operational load. The advantage of a particular order that will be manufactured flue, strict compliance with all requirements of safety, protection, size (inner and outer diameter, height, taking into account horizontal rotation), the value of the order does not exceed the market price criteria similar models, and in many cases more than is available.