We make oval forms to order. It is inserted as a sleeve into brick flues.


Such need arises when а flue has a form, not allowing insert a round pipe. For furnaces in which they burn firewood or coal, we make a  of stainless steel 1 mm thick of the AISI 321 brand (with titan).  Oval forms  is mounted a pipe in a pipe and consists of the same elements, as well as round.


We makes pipes of oval section, branches at an angle 45 and 90 degrees, oval tees, and any other constructive elements. An oval form is given to a  on the high-precision equipment by skilled experts.  Therefore such  is easily mounted. Correctly made  will give the chance to solve a complex technical challenge - to use the available brick flue in the most effective way.


Oval forms with correctly calculated area of useful section well proved in work. There is the corresponding form a fixture for oval forms. We make a complete set of flue system s for furnaces burning both solid and gas fuel.


Oval forms for a gas copper can be made of stainless steel of the AISI 316 brand (acid proof) or the AISI 304 brands 0,6 -1 mm thick.  Oval form  in certain cases for the gas equipment is the only opportunity to mount system correctly. The optimality of use of oval forms for the gas equipment in cases of the narrow brick flue is proved by practical application.

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Oval form flues have to be mounted by skilled experts. Therefore you can order installation of an oval flue in" Wind rose" group of companies.  Or to order a flue set according to individual drawings and to get advice on its installation. Before ordering an oval form flue for inserting as a sleeve into a brick flue it is necessary to investigate the flue: its sizes on all length, whether aren't present in it narrower places, shifts. It is also necessary to be convinced that in the internal channel there are no foreign subjects: concrete, plasters, fittings, binding net, wire. For this purpose it is necessary to illuminate the brick channel on all length. Then it is necessary to banish through it a cleaning rod which will also clear the channel of plaster ledges. The cleaning rod can be made of a metal corner and to be fixed from above on a cable.


The size of the internal channel needs to be reduced by 20 mm on each side. For example, if the internal size of brick flue of 125 mm x 250 mm, the maximum oval is 115 mm by 230 mm. In this case it is about installation of an oval flue to the closed canal. If the channel is open sideways, oval flue of big size can be mounted without problems.