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Mounting the chimney must be carried specialists, with years of experience and familiar with the installation of chimneys. Installation of chimneys video, installation of chimneys photos on these issues laid out a lot of information online, but you must remember that it regards fire safety does not suffer dilitanstva. Mounting the chimney takes a lot of time, but must be carefully removed to make the right size and design of the chimney. Installation of the coaxial flue is performed as well as conventional sandwich chimney. Stainless steel chimneys installation to perform better during the construction phase, when it is possible to equip the correct passage of the roof and ceilings. Prices depend on the chimney installation cost selected materrialov installation and technical features: the need to equip the holes in the wall and the ceiling, high-altitude work, etc. Prices are set individually for installation and on average 30-50% of the cost of materials. Installation of flue gas ducts and gilzovka most simple. Mounting and installation of the fireplace chimney flue saunas most critical because of the high temperature of operation and resource use will depend on whether the observed chimney technology installation.

Installation of the flue, flue installation, the device flue.

Fireplace - a decoration of any cottage or residence, but for efficient operation of the fireplace must be true of his mount. An integral part of a good fireplace is properly installed chimney. We install chimneys stainless steel to withstand very high temperatures and the use of solid fuels.

Stainless steel chimney for the fireplace is installed in the pipe inner cross-section is usually 200-250 mm. To improve traction and prevent the formation of condensation, we recommend the use of insulated chimney for the fireplace in a housing made of stainless steel. If the chimney passes through the front of the building and to give it aesthetic appearance, offer pursuant to the outer casing of copper and any other materials on request.
Installation of the boiler chimney.
We manufacture and install chimney systems for boilers in cottages, hotel complexes, offices, factories. The cross section of the inner chimney from 100 mm to 1000 mm.
The currently preferred metal chimneys have been blocked with the advent, first, simpler installation ducts, and secondly, disappeared problems such as destruction of the brickwork of the chimney, the appearance of oily stains on the ceiling and walls as well as the penetration of carbon monoxide room.
Qualitatively, all to the task of coping chimneys double stainless steel with basalt insulation inside.
Installation of chimney heating furnace, saunas.
Furnace chimneys are of great importance for the construction of a sauna or a bath. Firstly, it is important that the smoke did not get into the room: carbon monoxide and other combustion products do not only stay in the sauna uncomfortable but also dangerous to health. In addition, the furnace chimneys do not give a cool bath or sauna, maintaining a sufficient temperature inside the steam room.
Chimneys, manufactured and assembled by our company are functional, durable and comply with the rules of fire safety. Our experts are sympathetic to the task at hand and try to run the installation on time and with the best results.
Why does the installation of chimneys must be qualified?
Chimney is obligatory and an essential part of any furnace, boiler or fireplace, it "gives it life," as the supplies required in the furnace air and the evacuation of smoke into the atmosphere. For normal operation of the furnace is necessary to flues and chimney meet certain requirements.
The apparent simplicity of the device and the chimney pipe is deceptive, and they are not familiar with the peculiarities of the developer does not receive the expected effect of the furnace due to defects in the flue and chimney. In such cases, the developer tends to look for the cause in the poor design of the furnace and its own instead of troubleshooting flues and chimneys can be solved for the reconstruction or complete replacement of the furnace. Therefore, knowledge of the characteristics of flue pipes and the chimney is essential in the construction and operation of the furnaces.
You need to know how to protect from the wind funnels backwater, condensation, precipitation.
What is the height of the tube is necessary?
To ensure the receipt of fresh air into the furnace and exhaust combustion gases sometimes inadequate adjustment pipe calculated by the number of floors at home.
It is necessary to build the pipe so high that it could block the effective thrust requirements of the furnace and ash, as well as losses in the resistance to flow that will provide the required getting fresh air into the furnace, even in cases of the most adverse conditions.
The effective height of the pipe can be determined by calculation of the difference of vertical grades plane grate and top edge of the pipe and thrust arising due to the difference in density of colder air and warm combustion gases. Most effective is a tube with a smooth inner surface and the insulated walls.
Part of the thrust arising from the difference in temperature, used to overcome the flow resistance movement. In practice, you can use only three-quarters (75%) of the actual thrust rod heating equipment. The amount of traction needed for different types of heating equipment. The height of the tube depends on the type of heater, fuel characteristics, the number of chimneys in pipes and other. The height of the tube is itself often determines the height of the building, but the effective height using solid and liquid fuels can not be less than 4.2 m. In the case of heating device for liquid fuel pipe height is measured from the level of the burner. With gas central heating, if the chimney has one knee, chimney height can not be less than 2 meters if the two knee - 3 m, measured from the bottom plane tyagopreryvatelya.
Chimneys "Windrose" designed to bring advanced combustion heating stoves, sauna stoves, fireplaces and boilers for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.
Stainless steel chimneys is much easier brick, they are composed of the basic elements of the standard, which allows for quick installation of the chimney of various configurations in construction and in existing home, they do not require additional foundation, corrosion-resistant, durable. Now it is becoming increasingly important prefabricated chimney with insulation double-circuit - "sandwich" made of stainless steel.
Using as the insulated chimney pipes combi significantly improves operation of furnaces and fireplaces, can reduce the formation of condensate (which inevitably occurs when using a modern heating systems, with high efficiency), and also significantly increases fire safety.
Combi pipes - "sandwich" composed of inner welded stainless steel pipes 1-2 mm thick and the outer tube of larger diameter galvanized, stainless steel, polished ("mirror") stainless steel, copper, aluzink or painted galvanized steel. Between pipes laid a layer of insulation - non-flammable insulation material on the basis of basalt rock. Installation of pipes made from the bottom (of the heating system) up. When installing the inner pipe enters the preceding, and the outer tube is worn on the previous one. The pipes must be mounted on each other at a depth of planting. Places of double-circuit connections (insulated) pipe with the other elements are held together by clamps.
Chimneys trademark "Windrose" positively proven in the market precisely because they are acid- and heat-resistant.
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