We offer the customer a full range of services for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and energy-saving heating systems of the facility: from design and installation to maintenance and repair. At the same time, we take into account all the features of the task set before us, the feasibility of using various types of refrigeration systems and the economic efficiency of choosing a particular option, the solution we offer.


We have an exclusive opportunity to offer refrigeration equipment in the ratio of price, quality, energy saving.


Energy Saving – Reduce energy consumption by up to 60%. Due to the glazing of wall showcases.





⬥ collapsible refrigerating chambers and warehouses;


 PPU, PPS sandwich panels;


 sheathing thermal insulation;


 doors for refrigerating chambers (hinged, retractable);


 PVC curtains;


 storage for vegetables, fruits and berries.








refrigeration units;


 liquid cooling units (chillers);


 compressors (scroll, piston, screw);


 2-stage compressors;


 compressor and condenser units;


 central refrigeration units (multisystems);


 split systems (monoblocks);


 heat recovery (recovery) systems.