craft Brewery

Productivity 300 liters per one var_nya

The result of the rosarunka brewery brewery:


brewery capacity: 300 liters
cookhouse price: 9 090 $
CCT price (1 pc.): 2 420 $
number of CCT: 2 шт.
CCT cost: 4 840 $
hot water tank price: 2 290 $
ice water tank price: 2 360 $
wort flow cooler: 950 $
CIP Wash Price: 2 610 $
crusher price: 840 $
The cost of this configuration of the brewery: 22 980 $


Operating parameters of the brewing order for 300 liters:

Technical parameters of the brewery:


Wort output in one cooking, l 300
Volume of the brewing vat, l 480
The volume of the filter tank, l 480
Heating power, kW 20
Pump productivity, m3 / h 33
Pump power 1,1 кВт
Mixer Parameters 35 rpm
97 n / m
Agitator motor power 0,75 kw

Schematic diagram of the brewery:

Diameter of piping, mm 34
Diameter of the cooker, А 1060
Diameter of the filter tank, B 1060
Hob height, C 1700
Distance between vats, D 800



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Craft beer - craft beer!



 A small, mobile craft brewery that brews commercial beers is bottled in kegs and bottles. Recipes are being developed for their scaling in large breweries.

Today, the word CRAFT has become very fashionable, and it is used to highlight exclusive product categories. So there appeared craft whiskey, craft wine, craft cheeses, NEW !!! Diet craft molecular smoking! - will be in all pubs soon! 

Previously, it was customary to promote their products as environmentally friendly, and now - as craft. Marketers have successfully used this, easily changing the adjectives “designer” and “exclusive” to “craft”. This is not always appropriate, but there is no direct prohibition on this.



Brewery for the production of 300 liters per brew


The brewing procedure of the mini-brewery is intended for brewing malt wort with the infusion method of mashing any kind of beer. The full volume of cooking vats is 480 liters, which allows you to brew a high density wort, or get up to 390 liters. ready wort of low and medium density.

The cooking order in the basic configuration consists of two units: mash-wort boiler and a filter tank. The cooking order can be three-unit - with the addition of whirlpool, can be four aggregate with the addition of a hot water tank or a separate boiling boiler and other containers at the request of the client.


пивоварня 500 литров


The brewing order for 300 liters of finished wort may include:


  • Mash-brewing boiler with a volume of 480 liters;
  • Filter tank with a volume of 480 liters;
  • Virpul 480 liters;
  • A boiling boiler with a volume of 30-50% of the main mash;
  • Piping tubs;
  • Mash / wort transfer pump (s);
  • The control panel for the cooking process.


Equipment for mini brewery units:
Mash boiler:


Mash-brewing vat is made of food grade stainless steel AISI-304 with a high degree of polishing (to a mirror finish). Welds are sufficiently polished. The chan has a mash / wort heating jacket over the entire diameter and cone of the cooking container. The heat carrier is food propylene glycol. Heat carrier heating is provided by easily replaceable electric heaters. Electronic heating control with a system of protection against coolant overheating and wort burning. The heating jacket is thermally insulated with polyurethane foam and covered with an outer shell of food-grade stainless steel.

Mash-brewing vat is equipped with a gear motor with a mash stirrer, inspection hatch, lights inside the vat, a control panel for temperature breaks, a washing head with a connection to the SIP-sink.

The chan is intended for mashing grains with the infusion method and boiling wort with hops. If there is an additional vat, the mash may also be wiped off using the welding method. Chan can also heat or boil water to clean all brewery equipment.





  • Mash agitator with gear motor;
  • Interior lighting;
  • The washing head (rotational);
  • Inspection hatch;
  • Ventilation duct with a gate.
  • Thermal insulation (polyurethane foam).



Filter Chan:


The filtration vat is made of food grade AISI-304 stainless steel with a high degree of polishing (to a high gloss). Welds are sufficiently polished. Chan has a second bottom of the same filter plates. Removable filter plates. The filtration tank is thermally insulated with polyurethane foam and covered with an outer shell made of food-grade stainless steel.

The filtration tank is equipped with an irrigation circuit for washing the pellet, a gear motor with a baking powder, an adjustment of the revolving agent of the baking powder (option), a viewing hatch, a light inside the tank, a washing head with a connection to the SIP sink, and a side hatch for unloading the pellet.





  • Baking powder
  • Interior lighting;
  • Contour of irrigation of grains;
  • The washing head (rotational);
  • Inspection hatch;
  • Hatch unloading grains;
  • Ventilation duct with a gate.
  • Thermal insulation (polyurethane foam).



Pipelines and pump:

  • Pipelines with a diameter of 34 mm;
  • Flow direction valves (9 pcs);
  • Viewing glass flask;
  • Mash / wort transfer pump;
  • Water inlet;
  • Exit to the sewer;
  • Wort exit;
  • Return of cleaning fluid to the SIP station.



Cooking control panel:



  • General switch;
  • Wort / wort temperature controller;
  • Pump switch;
  • The frequency regulator of revolutions of the pump;
  • Mixer and cultivator revolutions regulator (additional option);
  • Interior light switch.
  • Hot water tank temperature controller (optional).