Accounting for the movement of materials in the food industry


Accounting for the movement of materials allows you to register all changes in production, solving one of the most important tasks of production: ensuring constant quality of manufactured products.


Automation of material accounting provides the necessary information for:


        ♦ Investigation of incidents in the event of a quality violation

        ♦ Identification of sources of production losses

        ♦ Improving product quality

        ♦ Reduced time spent on workflow

        ♦ Adequate, holistic picture of the production process


The material movement accounting system is the main supplier of information on the production process and provides traceability of food products.


The procedure for recording the movement of materials in the food industry


The traceability of food products includes monitoring, accounting and analysis of the production process at all stages: from the receipt of raw materials at the warehouse to the formation of the pallet of finished products.



Thanks to this system, it becomes possible for an enterprise to:


        ♦ Genealogy analysis on the path of raw materials → finished products and in the opposite direction

        ♦ Registration of all movements of materials

        ♦ Collection of characteristics of materials (semi-finished products) at any stage of the production process

        ♦ Collection and storage of production data

        ♦ Quality control in the production process


At the technologist’s workstation at any time, information is available on the parameters of the batch at all stages of the movement of materials, on laboratory data, on the availability of raw materials in the warehouse, etc. The system allows you to reserve raw materials for the production of certain products and schedule the loading based on the technological map. If necessary, the system integrates with WMS and ERP systems, where data on the balances in the production warehouse are transmitted. Detailed reports on the production process make it possible to identify places of application of forces to improve the production process.


To account for finished products, the system automatically generates labels with an identification code, which are then applied to boxes and pallets. When goods are shipped to the warehouse, information from the identification code is read from the packaging by scanners, transferred to the system and processed. Thus, each packing unit is accounted for, which avoids errors when shipping goods to the finished goods warehouse. The system can also be implemented functional, responsible for sorting goods on the conveyor line.


Product History


Information on products can be presented in the form of reports, or in the form of a graph of materials (with reference to equipment, their relationships and parameters).


For example, a report may contain information on the amount of raw materials spent in the production of a certain batch of the finished product, indicating suppliers and characteristics of materials.


Traceability of food products is especially relevant in cases where the delivery procedure of products is carried out from several sources or has several intermediaries during transportation. In emergency cases, this helps to determine where and at what point a mistake was made in working with food products. Nowadays, food safety plays a huge role, low-quality products are revealed daily.


Material Accounting Automation System


Rosa Vetrov company offers a unique automated system for easier and more efficient management of processes for tracking the location and condition of products.


Automation of material accounting will help to more quickly and accurately control the materials and raw materials and obtain up-to-date, reliable data on the movement and storage of controlled products in the form of reports.


Each production is unique, and requires an individual approach to the development of a material movement accounting system, therefore our company is ready to offer a solution taking into account the characteristics of your production.