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Speidel Braumeister - professional brewery for your business

Speidel Braumeister breweries are made in Germany - in the recognized homeland of this intoxicating drink, and therefore as equipment it is not necessary to doubt. A special advantage of the brewery can be called a simple, but in turn revolutionary system, which allows you to avoid any leaks. In Braumeister Speidel the malt is not mixed in the mixer, but dissolves in the wort, which is constantly circulated by the pump. Welding of malt, cleaning and cooking of hops is carried out in a single boiler. Automatic control of brewing can be programmed for the preparation of any beers in the amount of 20 or 50 liters per cycle. Due to its small size and ease of use, Braumeister Speidel is ideal for home use.

The price of breweries is quite democratic and will not cause significant damage to the home budget. The performance of the "younger" brewery Speidel Braumeister, designed for 200 liters, is more than enough to start a business for the production of craft beer, which is gaining rapid popularity in our country. And with a brewery of 500 liters, you can even claim to be in the market and bring a really new product to the beer industry, allow you to host large parties in your brewery pub with the tasting of this magnificent foam drink. With professional Speidel Braumeister machines, the brewing process becomes as simple as possible, because all you need is to press a few buttons to start the process. The functionality of each button is described in detail in the attached documentation.

Buy these wonderful compact and easy-to-use breweries, as well as accessories for them you can always in our company.


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ìèêðî-ïèâîâàðíèAs they say: "If you liked the beer, then this love will never go away." These beer drinkers gladly choose a beer in a restaurant if the restaurant he prepares himself in his micro-brewery.


Our company is engaged in the development and manufacturing of micro-brewery equipment for bars and restaurants, which will not only increase your profit institutions, but also will make it unique and a favorite for a large number of old customers and help attract new ones.
Micro-brewery produces beer volume from 50 to 500 liters per day. In the production process of three steps to be followed in the process which occurs freshly your particular beer.
At the micro-breweries to produce beer is much easier than on a mini-breweries. Malt concentrate is in the form of semi-finished product is almost finished beer, and to turn its technology into a great finished product simple and does not require large expenditures.
At the micro-breweries commonly used method of top fermentation. This means that the beer matures directly in the container, and the process of its creation takes less time. Therefore, the equipment cost is much less.

We produce the most necessary equipment for micro-breweries:

Sets of laboratory equipment
Tanks for primary fermentation
Technological containers
Transfusion beer systems.
Submission of beer from micro breweries with restaurants and bars is usually carried out directly on the bar, and the necessary capacity.
Every equipment we select a customer requests in accordance with its size of the room, the desired output and many other individual wishes. Our consultants will answer all your questions and give detailed information on the most acceptable model of the micro-brewery for your bar or restaurant.
All our main and additional equipment is created from high quality materials, in full compliance with the standards and regulations of the beer production.
Highly skilled craftsmen and engineers of our company not only to carry out the development and creation of equipment for micro-breweries, but also delivery, installation and commissioning up to the moment when your own brewery will begin producing the fragrant and delicious drink.