Hangars straight type

Hangars straight type - it sheds with straight walls and flat, often sloping roof. They become especially popular because of its versatility. Uses such hangars without restrictions in almost all areas - from industrial to office buildings, from sports to shopping centers, warehouses and storage facilities on to the housing. Hangars of this type are universal.
We, Windrose, manufactures hangars straight from design to final delivery of "turnkey". We use the most advanced production technology and the best materials, so we can say with pride that our hangar - a quality and reliable design, is resistant to adverse weather conditions and temperature extremes. We can guarantee their long life without changing qualities.
Straight hangars are unique in that completely unlimited in size and height. Particularly large dimensions hangars consist of several spans interconnected. The length of the span can reach up to 40 m, and between the columns frame can be up to 9 m. Windrose can offer its customers several options hangar with straight walls. The size and number of floors will depend on the purpose of the structure. In any case, the modular system allows to precisely this hangar, which the client needs.
Mid-floor in straight hangar we create with the help of mounting beam cells, which are made of steel I-beams. Masters of the wind rose operate quickly and efficiently - from project inception to the final works of the hangar usually takes no more than 1 month. If you built the building in several floors of traditional materials, the commissioning would take place no earlier than six months after the start of construction. Prefabricated sheds straight - it saves your time and money. This type hangars mobile, easy to use and easy to install.
Hangars with straight walls Windrose can make warm and comfortable, to the point that they can be equipped home or a sports pool. Coverage of galvanized steel will make your hangar resistant to corrosion and aggressive manifestations of the environment. Within each of the hangar large amount of usable area, which is very valuable for placing plants, workshops and entire enterprises.
Benefits straight hangars is very significant:
They are significantly lower than the similar structures of brick and concrete.
They quickly put into operation, assembled and disassembled without much difficulty.
They have the mobility. If necessary, the hangar can be dismantled and transported to another place, without prejudice to its qualitative characteristics and appearance.
Our highly skilled engineers will be able to design and build hangar straight on an individual project in line with the wishes of the customer. Using advanced computer technology in the design and the best materials in the production, we will solve the challenges of our customers. Each project is from beginning to end one manager who is in constant contact with the customer and takes into account all his comments.
Production at Windrose is automated and controlled by experienced specialists. Designing and complete set of each of the hangar is made individually. We make sure that our hangars are fireproof conform to all standards and requirements. We value our good name and always try to meet the demands of customers.