Arched hangars


The company Windrose offers design, manufacture and installation of hangar-based metal arch designs.
Arched frames manufacturing wind roses have several advantages:
They are lightweight and easy to assemble. We provide installation of our designs, but if you wish the customer can itself mount a hangar, there is nothing particularly complicated and obscure.
Our hangars are reliable and durable, and the elements that make up the arched hangars, interchangeable: if damaged skin or other element of it can be replaced easily without the help of specialists of the construction team.
Competitive prices make our products accessible and popular among other manufacturers.
The main element is a curved arch hangar arch lattice structure. Arch hangar - a pre-fabricated and economical design, which does not require a large amount of parts and components. Arched hangars built frame and frameless method, depending on the operational requirements. Ease frame hangar that frame itself is made of metal elements, it is a supporting structure. Therefore, in the frame hangar can install any additional equipment, utilities, or other devices.
When creating a project must take into account the reliability of the design, the load from the wind, rain and temperature changes, the level of sound insulation, as well as the need to dismantle the structure. Sheds can be cold and warmth. We take into account all the needs of customers and create a Commercial in full accordance with the operational needs of the client.
Our arched hangars can be used in agriculture - a great alternative to the premises of brick and concrete. After the construction of the traditional hangar should take a few months, and it will cost 5 times more expensive than the arched hangar, we will design and erect for 1 month. The geometric shape of the arch of the hangar makes good use of a large internal volume as granaries, vegetable store, farm animal (pigsty, barn, poultry house) or as a shed for agricultural equipment.
Also arched hangars can be used in the aviation and automotive business. We develop projects for hangars for the planes - from small private planes and helicopters to Boeing aircraft level. Each customer can order a unique design - and our best engineers, specialists will perform it with all the requirements. In the car business, our hangars can be used as a car wash, service, or car dealership. The hangar can accommodate tire, garage or service station for any number of vehicles. In the design, we consider all the design features and the number of pieces of equipment that you are going to place in the hangar of our production.
Windrose also makes arched design for industrial applications. It can be various production facilities, workshops, hangars, where to put the entire production line, or large warehouses. Our hangars are taking into account all the modern requirements for safety and functional use. They are made only from certified high quality materials and the best components. And their price is much lower than the cost of capital structures.
To create sports fields arched hangar - the perfect solution. You will be surprised how quickly and efficiently we will design, make and assemble playground for volleyball, basketball or football. Arched hangars suitable for tennis courts and pool, and the equestrian arena. These full sports infrastructure are comfortable and safe for spectators and participants of sporting events, and meet all modern technical requirements.
Our company Windrose own designs and manufactures hangars, so all questions - from the idea to its realization - we decide on the spot and in full contact with the customer. We provide a complete on all the details, so you will not have anything to buy separately. Our experts will develop projects of hangars, so we guarantee you a full range of services and delivery of object "turnkey".
Arched hangars from the wind rose - a building of commercial and industrial applications characterized by high functionality and a long service life and resistance to extreme changes in temperature and other adverse weather conditions. Our arched hangars fully meet all the needs of the customers and serve as long as the capital of the room.