There are many offers on the Internet for the sale of stainless steel boilers. Are these really stainless boilers? It is enough to ask the sellers of such boilers with two questions:


What grade is the stainless steel of the inner flask and how thick is it. If the seller cannot or find it difficult to answer this question, there may be doubts about the durability of such a boiler.


Our boilers have a metal thickness of 1.5 mm and a sphere of 2 mm. Metal grade 081810 in accordance with GOST or (AISI 304-USA), (Germany: 1.4301). 


Heating element made of stainless steel AISI 304. All fittings are made of stainless steel. The casing is made of pure aluminum, 1.5 mm thick and 2 mm spheres.


All welds are argon welded. Used additive AISI 321 (with titanium)


AISI 304 food grade stainless steel boiler will last almost forever and will never rot or leak. He only needs to replace the heating element.

AISI 304 stainless steel boiler will never rot.


The stainless steel boiler is easy to maintain,

almost eternal and always clean inside,

(in such a boiler you can brew tea)

and most importantly - it does not rust.


Welding seams are made using additive AISI 321 (08X18H10T) with nickel, chromium and titanium. Welding seams also do not rust. 10 year warranty.


The cost of a stainless steel boiler in an aluminum casing with the volume of 90 liters is 12555 UAH.

An excellent solution is a boiler made of stainless steel AISI 304 (08X18H10T).


Stainless steel inside, aluminum casing.


A layer of insulation made of basalt wool 30 mm thick.


The cost of a boiler for 90 liters is 14000 UAH.


The thickness of stainless steel is 1.5mm and the spheres are made of 2mm thick. This stainless steel AISI 304 does not rust thanks to nickel and chromium.


Outside aluminum 2 mm thick.


the recommended heating element is 1.5 kW.


Installation of a stainless steel boiler.


Mounting the boiler is not difficult. It weighs only 24.8 kg.


Installation steps for a stainless steel boiler:


1. Drill two holes with a dowel Ø12 mm 100 mm deep.

2. Screw in the fasteners for the boiler center distance 180 mm. 

3. Hang the boiler on the welded landings. 

4. Install gasket. 

5. Screw Teng. 

6. Connect the cold water supply hose (indicated by the blue ring) through the overpressure relief valve, connect the hot water hose (indicated by the red ring). If connected incorrectly, the device will not work.

7. Connect the electrical part. To do this, it is necessary to ground the boiler.

8. To fill the boiler completely, for which it is necessary to open the cold water supply valve to the boiler and the hot water valve located in the system after the boiler.

9. Set the required temperature on the heating element. (Note that the temperature sensor is located at the bottom and the hot water intake is at the top, so the actual hot water temperature will be higher).

10. After filling, turn on the heat.


To save energy, it is possible to install a programmer for switching on and off. 


During the period when the boiler is not in use or is used little, it can be turned off, and the water will remain hot due to the insulation of the boiler. After all, the boiler, in fact, is nothing more than a thermos.


Stainless steel boilers have several advantages over boilers made from other materials such as glass-lined steel.


 Durability: Stainless steel boilers are generally durable and resistant to corrosion, making them a good choice for use in water with high mineral content or in regions with aggressive water.

 Heat retention: Stainless steel boilers are highly insulated, allowing them to retain heat for a long period of time. This allows you to reduce the consumption of electricity or gas for heating water.

 Hygienic: Stainless steel is a hygienic material that does not interact with water and does not emit harmful substances. This ensures the purity and quality of the water stored in the boiler.


 Aesthetic appearance: Stainless steel boilers look aesthetically pleasing and modern, making them suitable for any interior.


 Resistance to damage: Stainless steel is resistant to scratches and other damage, which allows you to keep the aesthetic appearance of the boiler for a long time.


Why buy a stainless steel boiler?


How often is such a problem that a conventional boiler can leak. At the same time, also fill the neighbors in the riser with hot water? Yes, all around.


People calmly go on vacation to rest and do not know that at that moment they are drowning their neighbors. After all, if the boiler rotted and water poured out of it, this will continue until the water is turned off for all floors. Upon arrival, you will receive an invoice for the repair of all flooded apartments and damaged nerves.


What to do? How can you protect yourself and your neighbors? You need to buy a boiler that will not rot. You save because this boiler does not need to be changed every three to five years.


After all, it doesn’t matter how beautiful an ordinary boiler is and how many decorations are hung on it: automation, controllers and “computers”. The main thing is what it is made of inside. If it has enamelled steel or Chinese stainless steel inside, the question of when it will leak remains open.


After all, the water in our taps is quite hard. This can be seen from the scale in electric kettles. But in fact, a boiler is also an electric kettle, but of a larger volume. Sand also comes across, which, under pressure in the network, scratches the walls of the flask.


And our boilers are made of European food stainless steel AISI 304, which contains nickel and chromium. Due to this, they are not subject to corrosion, they do not add rust to the water, which pours on the head of the bather.


And so our boilers will not rot or leak.


Approximate calculation of hot water consumption:


 taking a shower - 6-8 l / min;


 washing - 6-7 l/min (8 l);


 dishwashing – 6-8 l/min;


 bathing in the bathroom - 15-20 l/min.


The calculation of the optimal volume of the boiler has its own difficulties. For example, a boiler with a small tank (50 liters) will not be able to provide a family of 4 or more people with the required amount of hot water.


And buying a water heater with a tank that is too large (200 liters) for a family of 3 will be impractical, because heating a large amount of water will require energy overruns.


Therefore, in order to accurately calculate what volume of boiler will be most cost-effective specifically for your family, you should contact our experienced specialists who will carry out the calculations in full accordance with your needs.


Small ones allow you to wash dishes or wash your face. It has become popular to install small boilers in guest bathrooms so as not to waste water from the main tank.

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To install the heater, a coupling with a diameter of an inch and a quarter is welded.


The cold water supply is limited to a 90º elbow to prevent mixing of cold and hot water.


It is also necessary to install an overpressure protection valve in the boiler - this is a device that is designed to protect the boiler from damage when the pressure inside it is exceeded.


The valve opens automatically when the pressure in the boiler reaches the set level and discharges the excess pressure to a pipeline or other reservoir.


The overpressure protection valve is an important part of the boiler safety system and is mandatory for installation in accordance with the rules and regulations.


When installing the valve, make sure that it works correctly and does not block or jam during operation. You should also regularly check the function of the valve and carry out the necessary maintenance to ensure the safety and long life of the boiler.


Boilers are manufactured with electric heaters from the world's leading manufacturers. Our company specializes in this area in the production of storage boilers and storage tanks made of stainless steel.


Due to the fact that our company uses high-quality low-carbon stainless steel AISI 304 for the manufacture of storage water heaters, which is used in food and medical technological processes, respectively, various types of water heaters (electric boilers, indirect heating boilers, heat accumulators, etc.) in our company, can be used in various technological processes for industrial and domestic applications.


Today, due to all sorts of technological achievements of mankind, people are accustomed to the comfort of everyday life and the conveniences of everyday life.


After a hard day at work, coming home, each person would like to relax, rest in his cozy home - play on the computer, watch a TV series or favorite program wrapped in a blanket, take a hot bath. All these benefits are now available to many people.


However, there are interruptions in electricity, due to interference on the TV tower, the TV does not show well, for technical reasons the gas is turned off, but most of all, “our” people are used to the frequent absence of hot water. This is a common problem in all regions of Ukraine, and now in the capital.


The solution to this problem today is the purchase and installation of an electric boiler. We offer high quality stainless steel boilers of various sizes, as well as custom-made.


The accumulative electric boiler assumes the presence of a heating element and a water tank. The boiler must not only heat the water, but also maintain the water temperature at a certain indicator.


Boilers are vertical and horizontal. When choosing a boiler, you should take into account the number of water intake points, the number of residents, whether they will take a shower or bath more often. Based on these data, a boiler with the appropriate volume is selected.


Buffer tanks made of stainless steel, heat storage tanks. Boilers of indirect heating.


Boiler of indirect heating from stainless steel with a volume of 120 liters at a cost of 17 t. UAH


Vseredin vn vn vn vn vn svralny serpentine from stainless steel AISI 304 Ø 20 mm.


"Indirect heating boiler" - a device for heating water, a kind of vicorist heat from the scorching system for heating water in boilers.


Water does not come into contact with the water stake of the scorching system, which allows the risk of contamination with pollutants from the scorching system to escape.


Indirect heating boiler is economical and efficient way of providing hot water for the soul, the kitchen.


The main advantage of indirect heating boilers made of stainless steel is their economy and efficiency of victories, the heating process of the water can be used without additives for electricity or gas. Also, the stench will require less maintenance compared to other types of boilers.
In this rank, indirect heating boilers are the perfect solution for those who are looking for an economical, efficient and long-term way of providing hot water for various needs.
If you are looking for an effective solution for saving hot water, then buffer tanks under the trademark "Roza Vtrv" can be the same as you need. The tanks are made of stainless steel and insulated with basalt, which allows you to save hot water for a long time.
In addition, the buffer tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" may have a spiral coil made of khachovy stainless steel, which ensures efficient heat exchange and longevity of the tank. The leather is made from aluminum, stainless steel or materials, which ensures high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.
Buffer tanks like "Rose of the Winds" are suitable for vikoristannya in systems of scorching, hot water supply and sleepy collectors. They allow you to save hot water for a long period of time, which will reduce the cost of electricity and ensure a comfortable wash of water.
If you are looking for an effective way to save hot water, then the buffer tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" can be the same as you need.
It is important to note that the preparation of buffer tanks made of stainless steel may be better than other materials. Stainless steel can be highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical failures, which ensures durability and trouble-free operation of the container. In addition, stainless steel does not interact with the storage products, which allows you to save hot water in the most clean way.
Insulation with basalt is also possible. Basalt is an environmentally friendly material, which does not release stubborn crevices into the atmosphere and can provide high thermal insulation. Tse allows you to save heat in the room for a long period of time and change the cost to electricity.
The leather of capacities in the form of "Rose of the Winds" can be made for aluminum, stainless steel or mother. Alyumnviy casing light and may visoku st_yk_st to corrosion. Stainless steel can be high in strength and resistance to corrosion, which allows victorious capacity in minds with high water content and aggressive mediums. The casing of the material is also highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical failures, but it is also less vitrified with aluminum and stainless casings.
In this way, the buffer tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" are effective and superior solutions for saving hot water.
It is important to note that the buffer tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" are not only reserved for the storage of hot water, but also with accumulative capacities, as they allow reaching a high level of KKD (coefficient of carbon fire) systems of scorching and hot water.
Accumulation tanks store heat and keep the temperature in the system at the required level. This allows you to reduce the cost of electricity and increase the efficiency of scorching and hot water supply. Buffer tanks like "Rose of the Winds" allow you to save hot water for three hours, which reduces the cost of electricity and ensures a comfortable wash of water.
In addition, the spiral coil of khachovy stainless steel at the buffer tanks allows for efficient heat exchange, which ensures that the hot water heater is heated at the required level.
In this way, the buffer tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" are the best and most effective solutions for saving hot water and moving the KKD scorching systems and hot water supply. The stench allows you to reduce the cost of electricity and to ensure a comfortable mind.
Replace the buffer tanks with "Rose of the Winds" on the website of the manufacturer and take out the most effective solution for saving hot water and improving the energy efficiency of your scorching system and hot water supply. With the buffer capacity of "Rose of the Winds" you can pass the hour necessary for the heating of the water and increase the level of the KKD of your system, which will allow you to change the cost of scorching and hot water.
The beginnings of the selection of materials of the highest quality and modern technologies of production, buffer capacities in the "Rose of the Winds" may have a high quality and durability. The stench is resistant to corrosion and mechanical strength, which allows you to ensure safe and uninterrupted work of the container.
Take away the high quality and superbness of "Rose of Winds" and ensure the efficient and comfortable operation of your scorching system and hot water supply. Lock the buffer capacity of "Rose of the Winds" on the website of the vibrator and feel the quality and reliability of your system.

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Hot water has long been one of the most important components of a comfortable life for every modern person. For the accumulation and heating of water, boilers are used - storage water heaters of various sizes. The boiler is a container inside which there is a heating element that heats water.


The storage water heater works according to the following principle: first, the water is heated using a heating element, and then the desired water temperature is maintained automatically. Boilers can heat water up to 50-80º. The water heating time depends on the power of the heating element, as well as on the dimensions of the storage tank.


Heating occurs gradually, as a result of which the water heater consumes electricity very economically. A properly sized boiler can provide hot water to several points in the house at once. For example, you can use hot water in the bathroom and in the kitchen at the same time. The electric boiler has thermal insulation, thanks to which the water remains hot for a long time.


Our company "Roza Vetrov" manufactures boilers of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you decide to buy a boiler, a high-quality and reliable water heater that will delight you with warm water and serve you for many years, we recommend that you contact our specialists - they will help you calculate the optimal volume of the boiler, depending on the hot water consumed by you and your family.


They will develop for you a project of a boiler of the required volume and in full accordance with the dimensions of its installation site. Indeed, in order for the boiler to work with the greatest return and efficiency, many important indicators should be taken into account.


There are several options for heating water in a water heater.


The first option is heating with a gas burner. Such water heaters are called gas water heaters. The designs of various gas heaters are almost the same. Unlike them, electric water heaters have their own characteristics.


The second option is heating the hot pipes inside the boiler with electricity, when hot water begins to circulate in a closed circuit. If you want to solve the problem of hot water supply in your home once and for all, then you need to buy a boiler - a modern electric water heater that will work offline and provide hot water to the whole family.


In order to properly and effectively use all the qualities of the boiler, you need to take into account the conditions of its operation. Today, two types of electric water heaters are most popular - instantaneous and storage.


Flowing water heaters do not have their own tank, and water is heated by the action of a powerful heater when water flows near the heating element. The advantage of this method is the fast heating time of the coolant. This design heats the cold water entering it in a matter of seconds. After that, hot water enters the water supply network, that is, taps, showers, etc.


The disadvantage is the need to use powerful wiring for the water heater, as well as significantly higher energy costs. Flowing water heaters are recommended to be installed in houses where people do not live permanently, for example, in the country.


Storage water heaters pump water into their own tank, and then heat it up with a powerful built-in heating element. The advantages of the design are low power consumption, the disadvantage is that heating a container with water takes a rather long time. Accumulative water heaters are intended for habitations of permanent residing of people. They maintain a high temperature of water for the entire time until people use it up.


If we compare gas and electric water heaters, we can say that gas models are more powerful. But electric ones are easier to maintain and more convenient to operate. Installation of electric water heaters is also much simpler than gas ones. Another advantage is that the storage water heater does not require separate wiring, unlike instantaneous water heaters.


The third option is combined, in which water can be heated using a heat exchanger and an electric heating element.


Windrose presents its customers with a wide range of water heater models. You can choose any model that suits you in all respects. If you are in doubt about which boiler to buy, our engineers will be happy to answer all your questions and recommend the boiler that best suits your needs. If among our range you do not find a boiler of the required volume, then we will make it for you. We work on individual orders and make boilers according to customer drawings.


Boilers from the Roza Vetrov company are always of high quality at the best prices, durability and reliability, qualified assistance in selecting the volume and power of the device, advice on any issues that arise and advice when choosing a scheme and accessories for the installation, as well as professional installation in accordance with the established in the contract terms.


Our boilers have two installation methods. They are hanging and floor.


Boilers up to 200 liters most often have a suspended structure. Above 200 liters, the boiler is usually too heavy for hanging installation, so we offer floor standing models. The suspended structure is very convenient in that the boiler can be placed in any part of the wall and, accordingly, use the space more rationally.


Therefore, before purchasing a boiler, we advise you to carefully study all the technical characteristics of the proposed models and consult with our specialists in order to choose exactly the boiler that will be most effective in your particular case.


Large boilers (200 liters or more) require structural reinforcement. To prevent water from bursting the container from the inside, it is reinforced with steel cruciform fasteners.


If the volume of the boiler is very large (500 l), then its outer walls are also reinforced with special strong spacers. The outer side of the storage tank must be insulated with heat-resistant materials - this reduces heat loss.


Boilers can be of two types: horizontal and vertical.


Vertical ones are more popular. They are compact and take up less space.


Also, in a vertical boiler, water heats up faster, which reduces energy costs. This happens because in a vertical boiler, the heating element is located in the lowest part, where cold water falls.


In horizontal boilers, the heating element is located on the side, so the incoming cold water is mixed with the already heated one and the overall water temperature decreases.


Which boiler you choose depends on the place intended for its installation. In terms of technical parameters, both types of boilers are almost the same, although vertical ones are slightly cheaper in price.


Our boilers are very convenient and practical appliances that guarantee familiar comfort. Boilers are usually cylindrical in shape, but for you, we can break away from tradition and create a rectangular tank if necessary.


We will not only make an excellent efficient boiler for you, but also install it conveniently and professionally in the designated room. Installation of boilers on site is included in the service of our services.


After all, a properly installed boiler will work without interruption for many years, without needing to be completed or repaired.


We produce boilers from the best high-quality steel made in Germany, which, due to its chemical and physical characteristics, can be used in the food industry.


It complies with all prescribed sanitary and hygienic standards. The inner tank of our boilers can be made of steel or stainless, depending on the customer's wishes.


The advantages of boilers with a stainless steel inner tank are special strength, durability and reliability. A stainless steel boiler is a modern, hygienic and durable material, which, moreover, is easy to maintain.


We create water heaters for any need. To correctly calculate the volume of the boiler you need, you should take into account many parameters: the number of family members, the required amount of hot water daily, the functions of the water consumed (bathing, washing, washing, washing dishes, etc.).