The tank made of stainless Kiev prefer to buy the company Windrose. Because the stainless steel tank worthy alternative to the plastic, do not change the taste of water and its contents. Tanks made of stainless steel can be used to store a backup of water and to heat the water in the bath, sauna, steam room. When this tank is made of stainless steel in the bath serves not only to heat the water, but also decorates the pair, with the proviso that it is cooked by experts with all the technical and operating requirements. You can buy a stainless steel tank into the first company, but whether you believe that a stainless steel tank will not leak, corrode or burned by excessive load on the inner tube? Therefore, stainless steel tanks to buy the best professionals who know what fire, high temperature and providing a 5-year warranty for its products.


Stainless steel tank for a bath - bestseller.

At the moment, due to the high cost of thermal resources, it would be desirable to have a low-cost alternative to gas and electric heating. Many are interested in, and the opportunity to have hot water from a wood-burning stove in the sauna. Stainless steel tanks for the baths will help kill two birds with one stone: to heat and steam to heat hot water for bathing.
Stainless steel - one of the most durable and long-lasting materials. Our company manufactures stainless steel tanks of all shapes and sizes: round, oval, square, trapezoidal, with a lid or a crane with welded brackets capital. Tanks made of stainless steel resistant to corrosion, even when stored under these acids, brines, oil. Also, stainless steel tanks can serve for storage of bulk products.
If your cottage has beds or greenhouses; if your country house is equipped winter garden, you just need a stainless steel tank for storing water and fertilizer. Stainless steel tank will always provide your plants well-defended water without further admixtures, thus helping you to eat organic vegetables grown personally. Also tanks made of stainless steel is very aesthetic and not spoil the look of your site, even if you set it in the open. A water tank of the original form can be an element of landscape design.
We can make you a stainless steel tank for the bath. Mounted on the chimney oven with stainless steel tank filled with water, fast and, most importantly, totally free, will provide you with hot water for a shower. The stainless steel tank for the bath water is heated by the hot smoke coming out of the bathhouse furnace.
As the tanks are mounted in a stainless steel bath is stationary, for centuries, and the quality must be "eternal", and materials correspond to the load. We offer tanks of stainless steel 1-2 mm, or heat-resistant stainless steel (08X18H10T) with titanium. Weld perform automated installation. Stainless steel tank for sauna has welded pipe 3 \ 4 or another of your choice, with a crane. We will produce a stainless steel tank as you want, so the tank will decorate the room steam room and bring a lot of pleasure.
The tank for the bath - this is a necessary attribute in a private home or cottage in the country. It is designed to heat water, which is always needed in the household - to wash dishes or wash yourself, clean the house, wash or just to brush your teeth. The tank for a bath can be used as a storage tank of hot water - it will greatly facilitate you to solve everyday problems.
"Wind Rose" offers tanks for baths of various shapes and packaging. So, before you order, we manufacture the tank, you should decide what kind of tank will suit most. Depending on the location of the tank, the amount of consumption of hot water and even many of the indicators calculated the most optimum size and shape of the tank. If you have any problems with the choice of the tank, we recommend turning to our professional managers who will advise you in detail on all issues, advise and help to order just a bath tank, which you need.
Our classification of tanks for the bath in the form:
1. Cylindrical
2. Elliptic
3. Square.
Selection depends on the shape of the tank and the size of the bath, of course, on the taste preferences of the customer. Bath tank of cylindrical or elliptical shape, as compared with a rectangular withstands greater pressure on the wall and can be attached to the pipe, and positioned around the chimney.
Great importance has correctly chosen size of a bath tub, which depends on the size of the bath room. If it is small, then the tank is needed corresponding to the desired amount of water is heated quickly. Our highly qualified specialists will help you calculate the required volume of the tank for a bath because they have extensive professional experience, competent approach and a desire to do their work "perfectly".
"Wind Rose" ensures quality and timely production of tanks for a bath on your individual drawing if you have one. If you do not have a drawing, then our engineers will create for you a project in accordance with the size of your room and taking into account all your wishes and financial possibilities.
It is very important to choose the right material for the manufacture of the tank for a bath. For all quality and technical characteristics of the most reliable and popular material today is stainless steel. Buck from it a number of advantages - this durable construction designed for heating and water storage tank is also suitable also for the transportation of water. In addition, the tank made of stainless steel does not corrode and rust, and most importantly - meet all the standards of fire safety.
The water in the tank is heated baths generally in two ways: by installing a heating tube to the tank or via a tank-exchanger structure (register). In the first case, you do not control the heating temperature, so the water can boil and add unnecessary moisture in the steam room. The second option is more difficult, more reliable, and more expensive, and in this case, the tank can be installed anywhere, even to make the room steam bathhouse.
Tanks for baths usually made of black or stainless steel. Black steel tanks have two indisputable advantages - it is best to keep their shape and are not subject to deformation, and they are relatively cheap. But the negative qualities is their susceptibility to rust, so these tanks doctors categorically do not recommend the use of water storage. The tank of a thin stainless steel less durable, so it can only be used to store a small amount of water, otherwise it may burst with a lot of pressure on the wall.
Most durable, high-quality and long-lasting are the tanks for baths in stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. Such tanks and heat exchangers (registers) are made in the "Rose of the Winds." Tank with a heat exchanger connected between a pipe and the water is heated by a heat exchanger installed in the flue pipe and acting on the principle of natural circulation.
"Wind Rose" offers manufacturing of high-quality and reliable tanks for baths made of materials from the best Ukrainian and European manufacturers. Our knowledge, experience and modern technology enables virtually any customer. We work on individual orders and take into account the specifics of creating containers for each individual client. As soon as possible we are ready to develop and manufacture the tank for a bath, which will meet the highest requirements of the customer, whether standard or custom order. Our technological capacity allows us to offer a complete production cycle - from design and preparation of relevant technical documentation to the quality of the product, ready for connection and operation. For wholesale and regular customers we have a flexible system of benefits and discounts.