Most bars made of stainless steel Kiev

Every morning we sit down to breakfast. Noon - lunch. You should not continue as it is clear that we are doing tonight. But during the holidays, sometimes you want to sit with friends or loved ones anywhere in the restaurant, or in good bistro. Chat at the bar on the life, work, just gossip. Or go on a rainy night with a friend in a warm cozy room with a glass of dry wine. Bar racks for cafe always attract visitors to the bad weather days, so often you can find here the noisy company or a young couple, who appointed himself a date.
Our company, with excellent design solutions, excellent craftsmen, excellent tools and proven technologies makes great bars of stainless steel. In Kiev, has long been aware of our products, as it is not only practical but elegant. Bar - this is not just a place where visitors enjoy the "intoxicating" beverages and listen to the beautiful pop music, but for them it is possible to have dinner or eat a cake of tea to drink. Bar racks Cafes are not afraid of hot dishes or cold, because stainless steel is resistant to temperatures.
Bars made of stainless steel in Kiev - the practicality and durability
Various materials can be used for the manufacture of bar counters - it may be iron, plastic, wood or arrays of modern plastic materials. All materials put forward certain demands - they have to "work" in an environment where they can shed fat hot gravy, put cold cream, add water or vodka. Bar racks Cafes must "sustain" a huge number of different visitors without losing its qualities, "the original freshness" and functionality for a long time. As experience shows, bars, stainless steel, in Kiev today to meet all these requirements. Let us dwell on the qualities of bar counters:
Stainless steel resists corrosion better than other materials. You can add here the difference between the external temperature on the set or spilled food - even at very careless attitude towards such a polished surface, it remains muddy spots or streaks.
Bar racks Cafes, made of wood or a simple black painted metal, eventually destroyed by water or other liquid.
Forms and design solutions is much richer than when working with other materials.
We produce custom-made bars of food brushed stainless steel, welded or surface sink. The thickness of the metal can vary from 1 to 1.5 mm.
The length of the whole non-welded element may be 3000 mm.
Bar counters, stainless steel Kiev - the leader of taste
Sometimes with friends or loved ones want to go to a restaurant or cafe, where noisy and fun evening, note a festive evening or your own birthday. In those days you want something unusual, or at least not "shabby", everyday places ... the whole environment, the situation should look elegant and beautiful. Sit at the bar, chatting with a friend about "life" to drink flavored tea with lemon and ice cream - these moments are not often, so you want to choose the appropriate location and surroundings.
Bar racks for cafe always look beautiful, if made of stainless steel. Practicality and beauty - these are the two words that identify all structures made from such material. On Statistics, the majority of this design, which is used in products for the kitchen or eating places, made of durable, corrosion- proof material. But only strength, excellent physical and chemical properties inherent only "stainless". Our company, having vast experience in the market of metal products, fulfill all the most unusual project design bar counters, stainless steel Kiev.