Roofing greatest demand among domestic consumers enjoy copper grade M1, M2 thickness of 0.55 mm, 0.6 mm in width 600 mm, 670 mm, 1000 mm.


It has long been known - if your home or cottage need reliable, durable, prestigious and beautiful roof, the best choice will be the roof of copper.

Creating a copper roof in the "wind rose" - is not only fast, reliable and secure, it also allows you to emphasize your individuality and status.
The advantages of copper roof of the "wind rose":
1. We guarantee the excellent quality of the raw material and the product of his roof. Your home really get a reliable, durable and safe roof.
2. Copper roof - it's always true. In addition - a noble and expensive material such as copper over the years, getting better and safer, and your house with copper roof going up in price.
3. Copper roofing can decorate the most standard design, giving it an elegant and luxurious appearance. With a roof your house will always stand out of style and aesthetics.
4. Copper - absolutely environmentally friendly material, not just safe and even healthy.
5. Copper is also energy efficient metal having high thermal conductivity.
6. We offer full range of services: the creation of the project - production of roofing - installation of "turnkey".
7. Individual approach to each client based on his taste preferences and financial capabilities.
8. The control work in all phases of commissioning of the object and in full compliance with the agreed deadlines.
9. Reasonable pricing, the system of privileges and discounts for regular and large customers.
10. professional advice and answers to all questions.
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Production of copper roof - a complex process, which consists of the creation and installation of flat and shaped roofing elements, and also includes a high-quality equipment of the roof drainage system. When installing using special fasteners and hardware. Copper is very easy to operate, allowing you to securely mount the roof of any complexity. If the roof has a slight tilt, which is less than 12 °, then you can use a one-piece brass plates, simply by bending them in the correct style.
Material Copper falls into the category of semi-solid metal, which allows them to cover the roof with the most unusual and intricate architectural forms. Copper can be easily bent in full compliance with the necessary curves and contours. The big advantage of copper roofing is that it does not need additional care, in the case of unexpected damage quickly and easily amenable to repair. Installation and repair of copper roofing is made of copper with tin. Used for centuries as a well-known method of soldering or tinning tin. A very important quality roofing copper is that in the case of mechanical damage is not necessary to replace the whole sheet or strip metal, and it is enough just to cut a patch from a copper weld or solder at its seams. The patch very soon will be covered with the same patina as the rest of the roof, and the human eye can not distinguish never repaired place of whole roof.
As a roofing "Wind Rose" uses copper grades M1 and M2, which are ideal for welding and soldering. Copper these brands, in addition, has a very high performance, allowing greatly facilitate manual and mechanical handling. The most commonly for the manufacture of copper roof copper tape we use European production mark M1R that the world is called the roof. It is a beautiful metal changes its color under the influence of atmospheric phenomena over time. First, your roof will Lambent sunny red glare, and then after a few years it will become bronze-brown color, then turn black, and even after 5-7 years the roof of your home will be luxurious emerald green. In addition to the noble color, it will receive additional protective film - durable and non-toxic copper oxide, which is stronger and better than any coatings and paint to protect it from water, snow, frost and direct sunlight. Roofs with a small angle oxidized much faster than the steep surface, from which water slides down quickly. Well-made copper roof is not afraid of any aggressive atmospheric phenomena. Protective film, or patina, is not only not a disadvantage, but on the contrary - about the quality of the metal used for roofing. This roof can last long enough for 150-180 years without major repairs and maintenance free.
To learn more about our products, we offer to explore our catalog or call us at (044) 334-69-26 and ask questions to our experts. They thoroughly and in detail to answer them and help you place your order. We offer our clients a full range of services - from the creation of drawings copper roof before its installation "turnkey" for the most attractive prices. For permanent and wholesale customers there are special discounts and pricing concessions. We have a wealth of experience in creating highly complex roofs, so we can help create the most harmonious design and optimal roof for your home or cottage. Our highly skilled craftsmen ensure the best engineering solution to your question.
Copper roof made of sheet or roll of copper tape. Most popular metal thickness of 0.5, 0.7 and 0.8, 1 mm, and a width from 600 mm to 1 m. The most optimum width for seam roof experts believe a width of 600 mm. Thicker metal is most often used for facade. Copper roof in "wind rose" is also created from a copper sheet or strip thickness of at least 600 microns, or 0.6 mm. This metal is oxidized slowly enough so only after 10-20 years, the copper roof is covered with a noble patina - oxide film with a distinctive shade of malachite, which is also reliable protection of the roof of any aggressive actions. Weight 1 m² of roofing copper thickness of 0.6 mm is about 5.5 kg. But considering various additional elements copper roof and complexity (e.g., folds, eaves contiguity, etc.), the final weight of 1 m will be in the range from 6.5 kg to 7.5 kg.
Roofing copper from the "wind rose" has the best
technical and operational characteristics. Our craftsmen fit with the responsibility for the construction and installation of the roof, so we can guarantee excellent quality and execution of the order within a specified string. At each stage of production, we strictly adhere to all elements of the technological processes. After all, we know that even small defects invisible to mere consumers in the future may cause leakage of the roof. That is why achieve impeccable quality of execution of works on every level. Customer satisfaction and reputation of our company has long been our priority:
For the customer the reliability of the roof of the home is probably the main indicator of security. "Wind Rose" can guarantee the durability and reliability of roofs made because we employ specially trained installers and highly qualified professional tinsmiths. Proper application and qualified treatment of copper will give full play to all the amazing properties of the metal. Order our copper roofing for your home - and make sure you made a good choice.
By the performance characteristics of copper roofing has very stringent requirements: it must withstand the cyclic thermal stress, be strong in bending, fit snugly to any complex surfaces, ie both have the plasticity and toughness, the ability to withstand mechanical stress. Only in this case the copper roof will last a long time.
Feature copper tape M1 manufactured in Europe, is that the process of patination (natural process of formation of the oxide film on the surface) occurs in two times faster and substantially more uniform. Copper production marks M1 certified in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9002.
Ltd. group of companies "Windrose" offers for sale of copper in Europe.
Initially, the color of copper roof - red and gold. During the first year of service will change to the color of the noble matt black. This color has its natural oxide. 2-3 years appear dark green shades. And in 15-20 years completely covered with copper malachite-green patina. Copper has the unique property - are covered by a protective film, which is called patina. Patina copper preclude further contact with the environment, a kind of "enveloping" the material and creating on the surface of an impermeable barrier. "Under the protection of the" patina of copper is not subject to all of the known iron avalanche process "rust" the metal. This unique feature allows you to serve the copper copper roof for so long (over 150 years).
The advantages of copper roofing
The most lightweight roofing system. Weight of 1 sq. m. The sheet thickness of 0.6 mm is 5.34 kg, which significantly reduces the load on Roofing and supporting structures;
Highest frost. It does not change their performance characteristics at temperatures up to -70 ° C;
The highest heat resistance. It does not change their performance characteristics at temperatures up to + 150 ° C;
Corrosion resistant. Resistant to any environmental influences;
Environmentally friendly;
Fire safety;
No maintenance required;
Suitable for any roof slopes;
Convenient and easy installation.